Sit Means Sit Dog Training Video Heel to Front progressions

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Off leash obedience is not only real, but lots of fun. Here you will see some basic examples of progressions for learning a flashy heel to a front. Enjoy! Cienna is from Vom Younghaus Breeders We all enjoy off leash fun with our dogs and sometimes its exciting to add a little spice to even…

What do you think?

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14 Responses

  1. tylermuto
    | Reply

    Great video Scott!

  2. DarinShepherd
    | Reply

    Awesome Scott. very creative progression!

  3. jandismnes
    | Reply

    great video, if you need any help getting your video/channel exposed i use a site called mytubeviews . com It has helped 5 of my videos get ranked on the first pages.

    Awesome! Awesome!

  4. abracciante
    | Reply

    happy dog, great job coming up with some ways of helping him figure it out!

  5. allisonmccloskey
    | Reply

    Love the video!!!

  6. 1SMSFAN
    | Reply


  7. findberlee
    | Reply

    Awesome! Love the place boards 🙂

  8. ashtonfitzgerald
    | Reply

    The polish is starting to happen now. You’ve got all the rough stuff accomplished. Keep your eye critical and things will improve even more. Very nice.

  9. alfredoorivera
    | Reply

    Nice video Scott, good job being creative in teaching her the exercises. Happy dog under control, that ‘s what we’re all about.

  10. dennisdalia
    | Reply

    Looking Good scott. nice Looking Dog.

  11. FastPupWA
    | Reply

    Scott: It is so much fun to see someone thinking outside of the box for training that works. I have been having trouble teaching my Kelpie to front heel after coming in from the meter jump and climbing wall. (I originally trained her to side heel the same way my retrievers are expected to finish.) I am going to try this with her. Thanks!

  12. PalmBeachSMS
    | Reply

    Great job Scott- Love the “place” boxes.
    Beautiful dog

  13. LouAnnSherman
    | Reply

    Great video – awesome idea too with the boxes!

  14. MagicDawgsRo
    | Reply

    Nice job Scott

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