Sir Baby Laugh-a-lot

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Watch a dog make a baby laugh hysterically by running back and forth. For more CuteWinFail clips subscribe here Laugh it up:

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. bubblewandd
    | Reply

    i love babies

  2. Z62KK
    | Reply

    HURR DURR Awesome baby.

  3. meismat
    | Reply


  4. piewithapair
    | Reply

    @meismat Alright SHUT THE FUCK UPPERCUT!!! *Verbally uppercuts you* I WIN!!! FATALITY!!!! FLAWLESS VICTORY!!! KTHXBAI.

  5. sunnydays336
    | Reply

    that laugh make me want to hibernate its so scary !

  6. meismat
    | Reply

    ceiling cat is watching you…. ;D

  7. GamingFurry
    | Reply

    We grew up and got exposed to the i tnternet xD

  8. ZeldaInuYashalover
    | Reply

    i started laughing b4 the baby did

  9. haildeftone00
    | Reply

    @pjninjamonkey Sure, why not.

  10. TheRandomme12
    | Reply

    whats so funny about the dog i wonder if the dog left it would cry

  11. tPhizzle13
    | Reply

    @ElvisLivesUpstairs We became sexy,

  12. Fullofills
    | Reply

    how can you dislike this video?

  13. kitcat2467
    | Reply

    awww , see . life’s not all bad. and how CAN you dislike a cute baby video? think of the happy things in life or watch failblog to do the trick… and if you troll a baby video how would you feel about your past memories. K thx bai.

  14. alamoallies
    | Reply

    @ElvisLivesUpstairs It’s the puppy effect

  15. Bwissrly1159
    | Reply

    I think the part that made this for me was the scampering noises..

  16. auron1731
    | Reply

    such an evil laugh, thats a win!

  17. wolveseyes
    | Reply

    omg it’s so cute it makes me cry O;

  18. guuchan101
    | Reply

    lolololol this is so cute <3 XDD

  19. 234nightfox
    | Reply

    the baby is a cute, the dog is a win, but the tone of the babies voice is a fail :L

  20. Kevinskie555
    | Reply


  21. myusername841
    | Reply

    is that a huge fridge back there???

  22. Xenluo
    | Reply

    that’s a doctor evil pinky laugh fail…

  23. LeoLeungDancing
    | Reply

    He laughts because he doesnt know how to react to the sound the dog is making and what he should do seeing a dog running. So he laughts of panic!

  24. deanrobert99
    | Reply

    OK. About all you can say is ‘cute’. That’s just damn cute…

  25. BenMan1231
    | Reply

    And where are the parents during all of this?

  26. LeonChief
    | Reply

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