Siberian Husky Fun in The Sun on FAN FRIDAY #60

Siberian Husky Fun in The Sun on FAN FRIDAY #60

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Please Subscribe Sub our Vlog Channel -Can I have Shiloh? -Can I have Oakley? -Can I have Shelby? -Do your dogs ever not want to eat their food? What do you do? -How come your Huskies don’t have curled tails? -What do you do when your dog won’t eat? -What brand of food do you feed your dogs? -What do you experience when you run agility with your Siberian Husky? -What Video Editing Program Do you use? -How early should I start training my new puppy? SHIRTS!!! ★LIKE our Videos? Share them! ★LIKE our Vlogs? Share them ★FOLLOW US! • Main ‪ • Daily ‪ • Twitter ‪ • Facebook ‪ • Tumblr • GPlus •Shirts! • Store • Website â˜..

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20 Responses

  1. GoneToTheSnowDogs
    | Reply


  2. GoneToTheSnowDogs
    | Reply

    How old is Luna? As she gets a bit older, she might not want to go as far. Have you tried Biking using the Springer? that helped me a lot with Shelby. I could run her faster and wear her out quicker! We do sell Springers in our online store, and I recommend them to everyone! They are an amazing tool!

  3. MrsLPS99
    | Reply

    Ok well my dad threatens to kill them and stuff

  4. superanimallover11
    | Reply

    yes but i saw what you look llike
    no i dont know u nm lol

  5. GoneToTheSnowDogs
    | Reply

    Thank you!

  6. ScubaTiger
    | Reply

    As you were talking of food & sensitive tummies today…
    My husky (Kishka) had a sensitive stomach/digestive tract/whatever.
    She was having 3 to 4 bowl movements every day.
    Now; I know we’re not dealing with roses here, but this was something else. It was unbearable on the other side of the yard if the wind was blowing right.
    I tried all the top quality dog foods with no success. One day I went to PetSmart and there was a lady from NutroMax there. We talked and I decided to give them a try…..

  7. GoneToTheSnowDogs
    | Reply

    Thank you!

  8. Digivee
    | Reply

    Also the ears are different. Malamutes are smaller ears that are on the side of their heads and Sibes have larger upright ears that are on top on their head. (This is my best way i’ve found telling i’m apart even more so when my friend’s sibe is bigger than my mally lol)

  9. Digivee
    | Reply

    Thank you ^^

  10. GoneToTheSnowDogs
    | Reply

    Hmmm I will have to check!

  11. marissa2465
    | Reply

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Yup, they must of been  feeling very energetic! Especially Oakley and Shelby, hehe

  12. GoneToTheSnowDogs
    | Reply


  13. GoneToTheSnowDogs
    | Reply


  14. Digivee
    | Reply

    Thanks, she always does hehe

  15. GoneToTheSnowDogs
    | Reply

    They were!

  16. Digivee
    | Reply

    Thanks =D she is adorable

  17. Digivee
    | Reply

    Can’t believe I forgot to comment, shame on me. Thanks for accepting Maya’s entry, she’s a crazy but lazy mally. Shiloh, Shelby and Oakley are all so adorable, I can’t wait till the day I can have a sibe (Shhh don’t tell Maya). Maya doesn’t always curl her tail up either despite being a mal, think it’s how they feel 😉

  18. XoLuvsAnHugsXo
    | Reply

    The drawings of Shiloh and Shelby were Awesome!

  19. Kitty Dj
    | Reply

    what do to then dog sees a fox?

  20. ScubaTiger
    | Reply

    I bought a bag of their “high energy” formula.
    Problem solved literally overnight! What a difference!
    I have since used NutroMax exclusively for all my pets.

    PS…… There is no truth to the rumor they were considering Kishka’s poop as a future biological weapon.
    In spite of the men in the space suits searching my lawn.

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