Should You Walk Your Cat?

The idea of walking down the street, leash in hand and on the other end of the leash…your cat? This is dog territory, right? Not so fast…
It’s funny to me that so many people agree that cats are “untrainable.” At the very least, it’s time to put that particular cat-fable to rest!

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19 Responses

  1. Ayun Khan
    | Reply

    If you have an obese lazy devoted cat, I recommend you to walk your cat. And this is coming from a guy who has kept cats for 11 years non-stop and has tried almost every experiment imaginable with my cats

  2. Allison Black
    | Reply

    My cat loooves going outside. But hates the leash. So she now has a stroller I push her around in. Pretty sure my neighbors think I'm crazy.

  3. Natasha Fleur
    | Reply

    When she feels like it I walk my cat outside. Always on a leash and harness. She knows to sit on her cat carrier if she wants to go out.

  4. Bec's World
    | Reply

    Okay so I got my cats to sit before I feed them also when I give them treats. Is it to late to start clicker training 1is four years old and the other is just gone 9 months

  5. Herbert Miller
    | Reply

    I have adopted 2 cats, one wants to get into his harness and go out, the other knows he has found a perfectly good forever home and sees no reason to leave it.
    The one who loves to go out took to the harness with no trouble.

  6. Tom Ciaccio
    | Reply

    The problem is her boyfriend secretly hates her 🐈

  7. rick ross
    | Reply

    I let my cats out with no leash, the come inside on their own when they're done

  8. andrea macias
    | Reply

    My cat loves to walk on a leash! He sees the leash runs to the door and then meows to go out.

  9. Bas Koning
    | Reply

    I own a shiba and two cats. I walk them as a group (dog only one on leash) every day at least twice. I have also done this with my previous cats. Once they get used to the dog inside, I started walking with the whole group, small circles around my house, when there are not many dogs around. My female cat likes to stay around the house. My tomcat will walk with me and my dog to whereever I want, as long as I dont cross a big street, and occasionally stop so he can sniff around. They love walking as group with me.

  10. MagneticasUSAOfficial
    | Reply

    We once tried walking my cat on a leash and harness but he never liked at all. And we bought multiple ones. Since my cat is a climber cat, went up the tree with it and left there. From there on we just walk and I might say without a clicker. He love early morning walks spends hours at end outside, comes home around 1pm luckily I work from home.

  11. Patsy Stone
    | Reply

    Hey beautiful cat man…can you bring a HIV cat into a non HIV cat home? And if so anything additional that you would need to do when introducing a HIV cat. 😻

  12. Elina
    | Reply

    I have an issue with walking my cat… and quite frankly my cat is not the problem. He enjoys the walks, and I can keep my cat safe. The problem is that I constantly have to ward off people because my cat needs space. He is still quite sensitive to the whole idea of being on a leash (he was homeless three years prior before I took him in. He is four now :D) I thought about putting a yellow ribbon around his leash but I know it's mostly used for dogs who need space, right? The idea is the same though. Anyway, I thought that maybe it would help. People might not know what the ribbon means but it will surely strike up a conversation, giving me a smooth segway to tell them to keep a respectable distance from my cat. I have been called overprotective and rude multiple times now even though I give people a short explanation, that in my opinion is pretty neutral, such as "Please don't touch my cat, it makes him uncomfortable". I have seen other people being much more aggressive about the same issue though? I hope someone can give me a good tactic to use that leaves no room for arguing and doesn't come off as impolite 🙂

  13. Big Time Rush
    | Reply

    If you walk your car do you still need to play with them daily?

  14. Joanna Karaba
    | Reply

    Why is my cat All of a sudden pooping in different places?

  15. Shay Foeller
    | Reply

    My little Ross loves his walks. He sees that harness come out, he meows continuously, dashes to the door, and sits waiting for me to put it on so he can go out. He's so cute.

  16. Kelsey Terrasa
    | Reply

    i want to let my cat walk and go where she wants and be “free” on the leash but what if my cat wants to stop and play with or eat something she shouldn’t (mine likes to eat clovers and play with azaleas and i’m worried she will poison herself) should i be doing something to train her not to or should i be picking her up and redirecting her?

  17. Lori Mcclaskey
    | Reply

    My cat's favorite food is chicken

  18. Valerie Theriault
    | Reply

    I got lucky, my cat doesn't care what you put on her and accepted the harness and leash the first time I put it on her. I don't use a clicker (never heard of clicker training a cat before this) but she still knows that when I take out that harness she gets to go outside and she gets so excited! it's really cute!

  19. Private Account
    | Reply

    Kill your cat if I seen that kittykunt

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