Shih Tzu – Switching To A New Dog Food And Oral Care

Shih Tzu – Switching To A New Dog Food And Oral Care

By Connie Limon

Here is what you need to do to ensure a smooth transition to a new dog food:

Day One: Start by mixing your old brand with the new brand in a ratio of 3/4 to 1/4 – the smaller amount representing the new brand. Do this for three days.

Day Four: After your dog has eaten the 3/4 to 1/4 mixture for three days, graduate to half and half for another three days.

Day Eight: For the last three days, go to a 3/4 to 1/4 mixture, only this time the smaller amount is the old brand of food.

By the end of the 12 days, your dog should be ready to eat the new food on its own.

If your dog is currently on a special diet, consult with your vet first before switching to a different brand of dog food.

One of the most important parts of keeping your dog healthy is to make sure his mouth and teeth are cared for. Proper oral hygiene is critical for dogs of all ages. And the older your dog gets, the more important it is to keep plaque and tartar off the teeth. In fact, not caring for your dog’s teeth is a much bigger deal than just yellow teeth or bad breath. It can lead to serious health problems. A positive step toward this very important aspect of maintaining your dog’s dental health is feeding healthy treats such as Gourment Dental Treats from HealthyPetNet.

Oral Problems

Plaque: Dogs usually don’t get cavities. They are more prone to plaque and tartar build-up on the teeth.

Tartar: If plaque is not removed, tartar forms. Tartar irritates the gums and can lead to damage of the gums called gingivitis. Gingivitis manifests itself as reddening of the gums closest to the teeth.

Periodontitis: If tartar is not removed, it builds up under the gums. It separates the gums from the teeth to form pockets leading to more bacterial growth. If left untreated, this could lead to damage of the teeth called periodontitis. Veterinarians can slow or stop this process.

Home care for your dog’s teeth:

Routinely examine your dog’s mouth. Warning signs of tartar build-up are bad breath, red and swollen gums, a yellow-brown crust of tartar around the gum line, pain or bleeding when you touch the gums or brush the teeth.

Use chew toys specifically designed for dental health. Brush your dog’s teeth according to your vet’s instructions.

Proper diet: Feed your dog healthy food and treats. HealthyPetNet distributes some excellent products. They have a dental treat that contains Microdent, a patented plaque fighting ingredient used in human oral hygiene products that is clinically proven to reduce plaque and freshen breath. Microdent helps reduce plaque buildup by forming a coating in the mouth that helps make mouth surfaces to slick that plaque won’t stick. This triple action formula also contains calcium for strong bones and teeth and parsley for fresh breath. The dental treats are made in a small bakery especially for HealthyPetNet.

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