Selecting Food For Your Fish

By: Jim Brown

Fish food is made from plants or animals which are intended for the consumption of pet fishes to keep them alive and in good health. There are a lot of ways connected with fish food production. Some feeds are in pellet form, which are ideal for bigger fishes and those that belong under the bottom dweller category. Pellet feeds tend to sink to the bottom due to its weight and construction.

Another kind of fish food is called the flake food. This is quite the opposite of the pellet food because the structure alone of this type of fish food is made in such a way that it appears like a flaky substance enabling it to float and stay on the surface of the water.

Commercial fish food comes in different kinds. The algae disk type of fish food is similar to the pellets but is disk-like in shape. It is ideal for the bottom dwelling fish breeds since it sinks down. It is brightly colored to enhance visibility. Bloodworms are also treats for these aquatic animals. These types of food are either frozen and or dried. These treats cater to the protein needs of the pet fish’s system since blood worms are larvae of insects. Another alternative of protein source would be to feed the fish with brine shrimps. These are small dried shrimps ideal for the pet fish. It is said that dried fish food is recommended for those who prefer to have feeds which will have a longer shelf life. Moisture makes pet food prone to losing its quality as time passes.

Other variations of fish food come in a tablet form which tends to sink, stick form which tend to float or a mixture of everything. It will greatly depend upon the pet owner and on what type of fish is being raised.

For those people who are keeping fishes as pets but are always on the go a certain product is out in the market to automatically feed your fish even if you are not at home. There are many types and varieties of automatic fish feeders but they basically serve the same function. Most feeders are battery operated and will automatically dispense fish food twice daily. It has a storage compartment where one can load up the fish food one time and let everything fall into place automatically. This is a worry free gadget for busy people on the go.

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