Secret to Tame Your Cockatiel | Series 1

Welcome to the FIRST Series of Taming and Training Birds & Parrots. From now on, we will have series like this dedicated to help you tame and train several bird species, depending on your needs!. Comment which series you want next, like this video, Tweet it & Share to help other bird lovers!.

Series 2: Secret To Tame & Train Ringneck/Alexanderine:
Series 3: Secret To Tame & Train Budgies/Lovebirds:
Series 4:

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20 Responses

  1. winner winner
    | Reply

    my cute doesnt want to get out of the cage

  2. Pravitha Kp
    | Reply

    Should i touch my cocktail its only been 2 days

  3. notruyet
    | Reply

    How the heck did you put the untamed bird in that perch since he bites you?

  4. Siria Ruiz
    | Reply

    You really nice but you got to fix your videos it's a little bit boring when you talk you just got to show them instead it makes it more funner and show them more tricks that they could too is your bird special to you my bird special to me a lot but my bird something she doesn't listen to me but I think she loved me or not either way I hope you have fun with your birds😟

  5. Sadik Umar
    | Reply

    Stop making videos you are not good do you understand me you are s*** and leave it alone to The Professionals

  6. Varun Malaviya
    | Reply

    Wtf is wrong with his background

  7. Petar Sotiroski
    | Reply

    Parrot whisperer could u pleaseee help me I have a cockatiel and I have tried taming him he steps bet he bites a lot and makes me bleed also he won’t let me touch him I need ur help please

  8. Bailey Animals
    | Reply

    By bird is too scared to come out of her cage. She will whistle songs and love attention but if the cage is opened she flips out

  9. AgentDoesGames
    | Reply

    Heccin birb lik is fren o

  10. Patrick Johansen
    | Reply

    I have a female cockatiel. I truly tamed her when she reached her first egg cycle. She was much more timid and docile during that period. So much so I could reach into the cage and she wouldn't walk away like she normally would. In fact I could grab her and she didn't complain. I had her sit on me when I discovered this and held her to scratch her too. After that she didn't fear the hand.

  11. Claude Akel
    | Reply

    اريد اخراجه من القفص و لكنني اخاف ان يهرب

    | Reply

    Your from Dubai’s? I lived there for 12 years but just moved away.

  13. Sohail hafeez
    | Reply

    what to do if your new bird is not sitting on the training stand ?

  14. MsFire Gamer
    | Reply

    I trained both of my male cockatiels in they’re cage perfectly fine

  15. prerana kamat
    | Reply

    but I am afraid that my cokatiel may fly if I kept it's cage open

  16. Shafi Farook
    | Reply

    Have you clipped the feathers before training?

  17. Sofia Sourianou
    | Reply

    My bird won't come out of his cage though so how do I get him from his cage to the stand in the first place? Surely I don't grab him with my hands right?

  18. Rafaella Ramirez
    | Reply

    my cockateil wont stay on a training stand and if i get close to him he flys away ive clipped the wings but he still can fly can i get some tips for this

  19. Julior31
    | Reply

    What do I do??

  20. Julior31
    | Reply

    My bird doesn't want to stand on he's stand and just flys around and knocks things out…

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