Secret to Tame Your African Grey/Amazon quickly !

Welcome back to the #1 bird training community. Another requested topic from you guys is up!. To request topics, please use #RequestedParrotwhisperer in the comment section below and mention the topic(s) you would like us to talk about in our upcoming videos!. Parrot whisperer offers his powerful advice with regards to this video: “Hi Bird Lovers. This video is directed towards those who own african grey parrots, amazon parrots, blue-head pionus parrots and other similar bird species. The fundamentals remain the same in taming and training other birds; however, a lot of the beginner training part and the structure of the training itself is different for those parrots because of their unique social behavior, intelligence and other qualities such as their preference for verbal interaction that contribute to their personalities.

If you are an African Grey owner/amazon owner/blue-head pionus owner and are struggling to tame/train your parrot, this video is just what you need!. I covered as much detail as i possibly could in the given length of time in order to help you better understand how to tame your grey/amazon. These very same tips have helped me tremendously train african greys and amazons for bird lovers personally, as well as, on my skype bird training sessions and their relationships have tremendously excelled with their parrots. Make sure to watch this video in totallity and be aware of the links placed at the top of the screen throughout the video which will direct you to other videos that explain what i have described in far more detail, if you are not familiar with a certain step of training. I really hope and i am positively certain that this video will help you to very effectively tame & train your african grey/amazon.”

Thank you Parrot whisperer for your advice!. Bird lovers, comment your questions for Parrot whisperer to answer them, leave a like and share to help other grey and amazon owners !

0:00 How Greys/Amazons are different when it comes to the structure of Bird Training + Things you will need.

2:33 Why is your Grey/Amazon not going out of the cage

5:55 Getting your Grey/Amazon out of the cage

10:25 How to hand-feed your Grey/Amazon

12:00 How to teach your Grey/Amazon “Step-up”

13:43 How to Target-Train your Grey/Amazon

Special thanks to Melissa, Juanita, Aldo & Mathezor for their contribution.

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25 Responses

  1. umer sss
    | Reply

    my mom told I cud get that parrot If I get 100 likes.

  2. Zoltan Csala
    | Reply

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about parrot training video try Knewreck Parrot Training Guide (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  3. Amber Nightingale
    | Reply

    That was to funny

  4. Giulietta .J
    | Reply

    You are amazing I was totally lost without you and Cody the cockatiel really helped me tame my parrots I really thank you and I hope this made your And my day I would like to give back to you as you have for me so yank you parrot whisperer!

  5. Aleksandar Popovic
    | Reply

    Well done,nice video!

  6. Ryan Schupp
    | Reply

    The best way to have a parrot that's friendly and trainable is to hand feed it and raise it as a baby. Otherwise it will take alot of work and patience. Don't listen to this fake. Take it from someone who's been breeding parrots they're whole life like me

  7. Rawan Rawan
    | Reply

    My parrot eats from my hands normally and very comfortably but when I wanna try the step up and place my whole arm front of him he gets scared what should I do?

  8. njr 11
    | Reply

    #ParrotWhisperer i have learnt a lot from you vids i want to get a cockatiel and i am confident to get one!!!!!!!

  9. RitmoAntiyano
    | Reply

    It's easy to talk about taming a parrot,when the parrot is already tame,you got to buy a wild one, and make a video how you do it than you can tell everone about taming a parrot, easy talk won't help.

  10. K_ Garcia
    | Reply

    As a parrot whisperer are you aware of this?

  11. Sophia azar
    | Reply

    My grey likes to eat fries

  12. Parrot lovers Club
    | Reply

    How much parrots do you have??

  13. Yosh Wii
    | Reply

    How do I do the step up step when my bird attacks my finger (timneh African grey) and damages the blood vessel under my skin? I've tried the step up step in the shower as "he" is more relaxed there, but he has no idea how to step up so he tightens his grip and gets scared. I put the shower nozzle above my hand so that if "he" does go to bite me, "he" can't get to my fingers. Please help because I see "he" has so much potential but I'm so stuck!

    I say "he" as I've never had "him" DNA sexed but the breeder had said it was a male, although the vet thinks it's a female.

  14. Orel Elbaz
    | Reply

    Your an idiot

  15. jasmine rezapour
    | Reply

    I recently bought a new gray parrot. she is social and I think she gets used to me and knows me well. unfortunately, It has been around 4 days she started feather plucking, it is not so extreme but I think it is the start of a serious feather plucking. so I took her to a vet and the vet checked her completely and told me that she may have a fatty liver and she should decrease eating seeds and at last, he stated that she should not stay alone at home. unfortunately, I go to work every day and she is alone for 9 hrs. would you please help me in this matter? how can I stop her from feather plucking? the vet told me that a parrot is not a suitable pet for you because you work. I really want to keep her. I do regular things to fulfill her loneliness e.g. recording my voice and playing music and etc. is it still a problem for her to stay 9 hrs alone at home?

  16. Mohammed Aljasmi
    | Reply

    Hi Parrot whisperer I'm buying babies African greys I'm thinking to buy 2 is it okay if I place them both in 1 cage? And i can train them if they are in one cage? Do they fight or no? Please I need help

  17. Yuri Boyka
    | Reply

    Plz help what can i do if my new african grey does not want to get out of its cage to put him on a purtch

  18. Arwa Shapurwala
    | Reply

    Your video was so helpful, ive bought a Congo African grey some hours ago… and trying hard to get him out of the cage… he keeps holding the base of the cage and moves his feet in a cycling motion… the store guy said that its because he wants to get out.. but your video really cleared my doubt! Thanks again ☺

  19. Ceyon Sandy
    | Reply

    My bird is 11 months old my African grey I am trying to get him to talk can you please send me some information or a video can help me and also I look on top of his head and I saw a bald spot what is that means thank you very much hope to hear from you soon mister

  20. Ghaida Aljohani
    | Reply

    you talk alot which is really boring

  21. Ridwaan Chui
    | Reply

    Its so hard to catch you live

  22. Kelly Carson
    | Reply

    In the very beginning.. "How do you safely offer treats to a bird that could bite your fingers off? "
    I wish you'd focus on …"What to do rather than what NOT to do"… the very beginning…your first days or weeks at home with your bird. I keep searching for teachers who will offer this same positive reinforcement given to pets….have or found it yet..

  23. aonedentalandimplant center
    | Reply

    Thanks for the tips!
    I have rehomed a bird for 2 months now and I need your take on something interesting I notice when I am bonding with the parrot!
    I need to know if it is normal for my parrot sometimes to get in a trans, extend feet as if asking for "give me five" start rocking his neck and head while sitting on my shoulder and repeat very softly :uh, uh,uh.. then get into a biting mode!? I can send you a clip but this kind of "Ecstasy" episodes!

  24. Syeda Wajeeha
    | Reply

    please help me I want to buy a grey parrot should I buy a male or female

  25. Jq Hayden
    | Reply

    What kind of treats ?

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