Secret To Build a Bond with ANY Bird !

Welcome back to Bird Tameness, the #1 Bird Training community where all birds are Tamed, Trained and kept on a mental & physical balance. We received a lot of requests from Bird owners on a video all about how to build trust with your companion bird i.e. how to build a bond with a bird and so we requested from Professional Bird Trainer, Parrot Whisperer to address this topic in totality. Parrot Whisperer first dives into understanding the bond-building process and then moves on to tactics to facilitate building a bond with your companion bird/parrot. Those tips from Parrot Whisperer have helped hundreds of bird lovers on Online Skype Bird Training sessions. We hope you found this video super helpful!

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20 Responses

  1. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    TEAMPW! This video is super important ! Building a bond and hence trust with your bird(s) is by far the most important thing to be done even before ANY bird training! Hope this video really brings out the message and knowledge that I want to transcribe. To order Pet Supplies shipped FREE worldwide from BT's Pet Supplies shop, visit

    Don't forget to spread awareness by liking 👍🏻 & sharing 🔄. Comment your questions below ⬇️

  2. Awesome Rabbits
    | Reply

    whoever disliked this video was looking at it upside down your amazing <3

  3. mrimandal
    | Reply

    My budgie has a strong bond with a clip. Luckily one day he flew away but came back the next day because of the bond

  4. Sung Choi
    | Reply

    Love the intro music 🎵

  5. Elizabeth Kissinger
    | Reply

    Question, how much bird poo do you get on your floors?

  6. Cam0’s Place
    | Reply

    I’m an animal person to I LOVE ANIMALS

  7. Dean vlogz
    | Reply

    out of all the animals what one will you be

  8. Jasmine Neivandt
    | Reply

    what happens if my budgie sleeps a lot then my other budgies

  9. One2rock
    | Reply

    so I got my first parakeet, Link, we are bonding well, but is it better to clip his wings early, and handle him a lot until he is very comfortable with me, or as I'm doing now, giving him free flight access to a few rooms? he does come over to me often, but not as often as I would like, he like to sometimes sit on my monitor and watch me type, but most often hangs out on the ceiling fan, when he is in the cage I try to handle him a lot, but he still don't like petting much, and has come to me on his own terms and landed on my finger, but refuses to come when called, I'm thinkin if I clip his wings and handle him a lot it would make it easier when they grow back to come on command, but I hate to limit his freedom of flight. what do you thing, just let things be, or give him a clipping??

  10. Abhijeet Pole
    | Reply

    hey bro i always watch u r video i have pair of Alexander its 3 months but from last two days they screaming loudly contnuesly dont know why even at the time of meal plz suggest me what to do ??

  11. Reboot
    | Reply

    what makes me sad is that one of your budgies looks like my baby budgie Echo (R.I.P) who died from paralysis

  12. Cheryl Olden
    | Reply

    A name for the Amazon bird Wally for watermelon Rescue red. Rescue ready 😁 reddy rescue

  13. priyanshu hacking
    | Reply

    My bird is 3 months old they are five when I get close to them they don't move when I put my had near the cage they are jumping and flying in the cage and getting away from me so what I do

  14. The Mudpit
    | Reply

    Communicating with animals can be done by making mental pictures of actions while looking into their eyes. Try it. Nobody is game to come out and say it though. Make a mental picture of them biting you, and they are more likely to do it, it's similar to the 'they can tell if you're scared' idea, only from a different viewpoint. I've experimented with this a lot. I don't know why it's kept such a secret though – it seems to threaten people's world view or something….

  15. stop me
    | Reply

    Your small bird wont bite you hard enough to hurt, just leave your hand there and so it will see that it can not hurt you like that.

  16. Joel Crooky
    | Reply

    Wow, thank you so much for this video Bird Whisper. Before, I thought me budgie (Joey) just hated me. But after 5 minutes of me using the tips you said in this video, he was chirping away and interacting with me like I'd had him for years!

  17. Krista Sutherland
    | Reply

    I need help with my birds to

  18. 7BlackSheep
    | Reply

    The thumbnail is so silly, I love it! XD

  19. Farout_Trash
    | Reply

    I have just got a baby cockatiel around a week ago. She will eat from my hand, step up, and let me pet her head, but sometimes she still hisses and bites me and I have trouble playing with her. I'm not sure how to tell if she is happy and trust me. What do I need to do?

  20. Dis Is A Bird Named WILOP
    | Reply

    I used to have a bird when I was younger, it did not like us, I have a new bird now, he loves me.

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