Scent Work training with a ferret Part 2

I’m training Joey to search out the scent of anise essential oil. I have checked with my vet that this is safe in small amount for short period of time. Always consult your vet before using essential oil around your ferret.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

12 Responses

  1. Chrissy Edits
    | Reply

    Aww now this is just pure adorable

  2. Bill Stephens
    | Reply

    I'm so looking into getting a couple of ferrets… I know a lot, but practical experience is always best for me… Joey has been worked with a lot and I would love to work with a ferret like him… I've never owned one before but have been studying information for about 6-7 months now…

  3. birdy5522
    | Reply

    Awe I just love what a great team you are ❤️

  4. Derek Copland
    | Reply

    Joey is so cute. I almost got a female ferret a week ago. Knowing I could take her walks etc but everyone said "enjoy the smell" so i backed out. I also thought it would be good as when I was 2yrs old my dad's ferrets attacked my face. I was only looking into it as I have 4 gerbils and the life span is 3yrs…its now 4yrs. But they show no sign of stopping.

  5. Scarlett Williams
    | Reply

    Joey is doing so good! And Courtney, you are doi g auch a great job teaching Joey all of these new things. Keep it up!

  6. welshwizard822
    | Reply

    Joey is ace, good training Courtney. He is looking so well x

  7. Mi・ミシェル・미셸・мишель
    | Reply

    So amazing and SO funny at the same time. 😂😍💗💗

  8. Jack Kelly
    | Reply

    hes too gooooood

  9. Alyssa Rae
    | Reply

    Love the video! Joey is so smart and you train him very well 🙂

  10. Sapphire
    | Reply

    This is amazing, you are an excellent ferret mom!

  11. Lil’s Life
    | Reply

    My ferret is too playful to do scent work But that’s why I love him

    | Reply

    Awww joey is so adorable

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