Scabbers the Rat Does a Magic Trick!

I am a senior psychology major at Cedar Crest College taking a class on learning theory. Our assignment was to teach our rats a behavioral sequence. My rat was named Scabbers, so I thought it fitting to teach him a magic trick. The idea behind the sequence I chose was similar to the trick magicians do when they switch cups around and a participant has to guess which cup the ball is under. When he performs this trick, the audience doesn’t know that he can see which one the ball is actually under. After he flips all the cup, he does the command “ball” and plays with the ball, passing it between his paws or rolling it across the table.

I hope you like it! I really enjoyed teaching him the trick and am amazed at how well rats can learn commands and sequences such as these.

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21 Responses

  1. Jamie Haycox
    | Reply

    Lol that's not A problem trick rant chase stuff eneyway crap video

  2. Jaxxon
    | Reply

    That's freaking hilarious name. That's perfect for a rat lol lol lol lol km

  3. Mand lin
    | Reply

    Hahahaha my babies are like this with cameras! They are so curious about cameras and screens haha :3

  4. Ratte 29
    | Reply

    sie sid ferwuseld aus meine ratten haben glates fell wo mann sie fast spigeln kann aber süß

  5. RottenRroses
    | Reply

    Cutie looks just like my little Stan. Oh how I love my little rattie boys! πŸ™‚

  6. Craftie Cosplays
    | Reply

    The rat was like "Camera!" Every time u said "Cup!" Or "Ball!" Soooooooooo cute!

  7. IizSarena Fosler
    | Reply

    He keeps running up to the camera thinking, "I don't want no ball or cup. I want to find an exit. Is it through this camera lense?"

  8. Kelly C
    | Reply

    I love that you named your rat Scabbers! I already got hamsters but I'll probably get two rats after some time, I'd like one of them to be brown to name him Scabbers too (HP-fan for so many years) Really cute vid btw ^_^

  9. Kemetic Witchcraft
    | Reply

    To quote Velma "What a ham… :-D" My Dean is the same way. LOVES his picture taken lol

  10. bemoreunicorn
    | Reply

    At 00:40 he comes up to the camera just like WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?!?!

  11. Wesley Peters
    | Reply

    so cute and talented made my day to watch this keep up the good work both of you

  12. ethan powers
    | Reply

    that rat says to the camra im gona be famas

  13. Maddie Moo
    | Reply

    iim gonna get two boys named dez and remu

  14. dreamer12905
    | Reply

    I had two pet rats named Ralph and Calvin, they were AMAZING pets! I adored them! Too bad Ralph died from a freak mystery disease and Calvin died from a tumor bigger than a soft ball. My poor little buddies, I miss them πŸ™

  15. Andrew Bensen
    | Reply

    0:41 best part

  16. dco589
    | Reply

    Scabbers!!! Thats awesome

  17. Dort Caraline
    | Reply

    what do you give as the reward?

  18. DelyriumIsAfk
    | Reply

    Rats need a lot of room- they're not like other tiny animals :)… You can do research at this good forum called "ratforum" if you google it!

  19. Albert Carwile
    | Reply

    Same thing happened to me. Been keeping at least one for last 20 years.My bullmastiff always loved them and all of them loved him! Wish life span was longer.

  20. dragonmastergirl
    | Reply

    it's ok…i have a hairless rat named yoda…if it makes you feel better.

  21. Kaitlyn C Stanley
    | Reply

    Are my pet rats really gonna get this big, man do I need a bigger cage for Chewy and Darth Vader (yes I did name them after star wars)

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