Save Your Dog's Life – Train Him!

Save Your Dog’s Life – Train Him!

By Lisa T

Common sense is the key when training your dog to come to you on command. Many of us, at some point in our dog-owning life, are guilty of swatting or scolding your dog after he gets away from you. Why? It happens most likely out of frustration, or embarrassment of looking like a crazy person trying to out-run their dog. By punishing your dog for running away, training him to come on command will be all the more difficult. Think about it, if you called him and called him, then chased him down and finally he comes, you then reward him with negativity by yelling at him or swatting him. Your dog is not stupid – do you think he will come to you again the next time, when he knows how he’ll be greeted? Take it from personal experience – dogs are all about positive reinforcement!

There will be times when your dog will get away from you unexpectedly, and knowing how to train them properly to come on command, could save their lives and your sanity. Remember, rule number one is to never ever punish your dog for coming to you, after getting away.

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  1. ann
    | Reply

    does anyone have a list of all the pet food serviced by menu foods? I would like to know what to avoid until a solution is found.

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Ann .. check out THIS POST

    The complete list of current press releases and all the products of all 52 dog food companies and 41 cat food companies etc etc is here:

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