Safety Tips for Moving With Pets

Safety Tips for Moving With Pets

By Marte Cliff

Which kind is your pet? The pooch who is the first one in the car when the door opens, or the kitty who runs to hide at the first hint of travel? Both kinds face dangers on the road, but there are steps you can take to protect them. Even the happiest traveler can get into trouble, and it can happen even on a short jaunt to the grocery store.

What can you do?

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  1. Great tips! I am in the process of moving and I have 2 cats and a dog. I’m glad I came upon your resource. I wanted to share another resource I came across. It was the Wheaton World Wide site. They have tips and advice for moving with pets as well. Between the tips you have provided here along with the tips I received from the Wheaton World Wide website, I should be all set. Thanks.

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