Safely Take Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog on the Road

Safely Take Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog on the Road

By Tim Amherst

Every dog loves a car trip, right? Well, chances are your Pit Bull is no exception. There are some things you need to make yourself aware of to help keep your Pit Bull safe when he is on the road with you.

The first thing is pretty much common sense, but it should be covered anyway: do not for any reason leave your Pit Bull in the car when it is hot outside. Many dogs die each year because someone left them in the car for just a minute to run in somewhere and do something. Pit Bulls can quickly be stricken with heat exhaustion, even if it just feels warm to you outside, it is probably hot for them. In the event you do have to leave your Pit Bull inside the car, all the windows should be cracked so air can circulate. Don’t leave them down enough for your dog to get out, or for someone to get your dog, but air does need to be able to get in the car. Even with the windows cracked, it is not advisable to leave your Pit Bull in the car.

Another big no-no is letting your Pit Bull hang his head out of the car window while you are driving down the road. Small pieces of debris can get into the dogs eyes from the roadway, causing eye damage. Either use the air conditioner to keep your Pit Bull cool, or crack the windows enough for air to come in, but not enough so he can get his head out.

If you do have the windows in your car down, you need to makes sure they are not down enough so that your Pit Bull can jump out of the moving car. Many people think it is okay to have the windows down because their dog has never attempted to jump out before, but just because it has not happened before does not mean it will never happen. You never know when your dog may see something on the highway that attracts his attention, a dog in another car for example, and decide to make a leap for it. Dogs can easily be injured from jumping out of moving cars, breaking bones, possibly getting ran over, or killed.

You should have your dog trained to be still when the car is moving so he doesn’t pull your attention away from the road. A dog leaping around in your back seat, or up front trying to sit on your lap, is enough to cause even the most experienced drivers to lose their cool, possibly leading to an accident. Some states now have made it illegal to have an animal lose in the car with you. Car kennels are best when you have your Pit Bull in the car, to his ensure both your safety.

It is important to use good judgment and common sense when allowing your Pit Bull to ride in the car with you. Their safety is up to you, and you should make every effort to protect your Pit Bull. A little thinking before hand goes a long way.

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