RSPCA – Simon’s Sister’s Dog ‘Fed Up’

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Find out more about the RSPCA and have your say on pet obesity at A hungry dog will need to resort to a new food and exercise regime after one mouthful too many.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. greatorder
    | Reply

    @eastlondongeeezeeer well done. you identified the truth. oh,wait, it isn’t the truth.

    newspapers seriously exaggerate, and whilst I believe that the elephant may have been mistreated, companies, charities and even governments won’t generally move in until they’re certain they will win the court case.

    plus, most of the dog rehomeing places probably:
    A) mistreated animals or
    B) were actually dog farms.

  2. greatorder
    | Reply

    @MDSCUSTOMS and you never considered that the dogs may have picked up the ear mites and gave the cat them?

    plus, I hardly reckon you would’ve noticed on the first day, as they’re EXTREMELEY hard to see, and cats tend to scratch their heads a lot anyway. (I have two, they both do it, no ear mites nor fleas, and my old cats (R.I.P.) did the same.)

    PLUS, if you ran the RSPCA, there would be problems like that. you can’t eliminate every problem within an organisation.

  3. hawk84065
    | Reply

    at 1:08 some one farted

    | Reply

    @greatorder – I didn’t say I noticed it on the first day – it was certainly noticed within a few days of the Kitten arriving at the house. The dogs were 11 & 4 years old respectively & had been totally free of ear mites prior to the Kitten arriving at our house. They were also free of fleas – something which I am proud of – the younger dog is now aged 13 & is still free of them & has never had ear mites since that time. The mites were easy to spot too appearing as a black mass inside the ears !!

  5. VengefulMilk
    | Reply

    Was the anus neccessary lol. Great short though.

  6. nunofb2
    | Reply

    hahahahahahahhaa he so looks like my dog begging for food.

  7. llachrymuss
    | Reply

    The dog get’s fat easily…and someone shouldn’t feed the dog that much.

  8. Crizzey82
    | Reply

    the fart at 1:09 *LOL*

  9. h4rdwin
    | Reply

    When our dog makes that, she pout head on my leg, i usually give her some food:D

  10. kalimul
    | Reply

    How this vids ever get thumbs down is beyond my comprehension….

  11. laylanii
    | Reply

    i think its funny that he draws their butt holes

  12. xxTsukihime
    | Reply

    @kalimul 544 people were dogs that don’t get to eat like that.

  13. SuperSuperMarioMan
    | Reply

    I…don’t like dogs…at all. But this was funny! (I’m probably going to get a whole bunch of thumbs down on this comment)

  14. YaoiVixenBoi
    | Reply

    @MDSCUSTOMS Do you know exactly how many animals the SPCA picks up each year? How about the number of licensed veterinarians versus the number of volunteer “vet techs” work at each facility? How about the cost to deworm, vaccinate, delouse, flea-bathe, neuter/spay, feed and house each animal much less an entire facilities worth?
    My wife works for an Army vet facility and I volunteer there on occasion and even the ARMY facilities are crowded on occasion and that’s with a full staff.

  15. YaoiVixenBoi
    | Reply

    @MDSCUSTOMS Yeah, shit happens and it’s a shame the cat came home with earwigs but accidents do happen. You should have inspected the animal yourself when you picked it up. I’ve got three cats, all of them are animal shelter rescues and I made sure each one of them was clean, pest free, vaccinated, and fixed before I took any of them home. Don’t toss all the blame on the SPCA, they’re not a for profit enterprise like PETA, who by the way adopted out a total of 7 animals in 2008.

  16. YaoiVixenBoi
    | Reply

    @milenium2500 I’d like to know what holiday they’re celebrating.. A thanksgiving dinner of cheese slices must have sucked.

  17. xJaSagerx
    | Reply

    look how is getting bigger as more he eats 😀

  18. SgxNaaBoy
    | Reply

    i wonder how he’ll look if he ate that last dish O.o

  19. muzikaishokolad
    | Reply


  20. michaeljacksonlov454
    | Reply

    Look at 0:18 wat are the eating

  21. Zabetheconfused
    | Reply

    The ten week old kitten just taken off the streets? If you adopted, you must see the work they put into caring for their animals rather than taking the cheap and easy way out and just killing them all. It takes a lot of work to run those organizations. I’m sorry your kitty had ear mites, but that is the sort of thing you should check on while you are at the shelter. It’s a guarantee that the animals will have been in poorer health. If you didn’t notice it, then they probably didn’t either.

  22. 1972jeepcommando
    | Reply

    That looks like my dog! just my dog is not fat

  23. TLGWdeck56
    | Reply

    544 do not care about the obesity of pet animals THEY MUST BE SHUNED

  24. nikita737373
    | Reply

    а де симон ?

  25. Andy
    | Reply

    The last bit is a torture. So near but not quite.

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