Road Bandit S1.05 RV Travel, GoPro, Master Cleanse Diet, Ultra Pet Contest

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description I’m back on the road and the wheels are turning and occasionally those wheels blowout. Special thanks to all those awesome peeps who helped fund the Indiegogo campaign which has allowed me to keep moving forward. Also the funds have gone towards a new HD GoPro camera. Ultra Pet Contest Need a Website? Check out and tell them the Bandit sent ya for a discount. Wanna give us a suggestion, comment, or tune? To get involved with the show you can send us an email at To get featured on “Mail Time” send your questions and comments to To get your music featured on the Road Bandit show contact us at

What do you think?

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24 Responses

  1. lastcomicleft
    | Reply

    where to next?

  2. RoadBanditUSA
    | Reply

    @lastcomicleft Las Vegas and then California

  3. lastcomicleft
    | Reply

    @RoadBanditUSA very nice! lots to see in cali for sure!

  4. NREnger
    | Reply

    check out death valley for sure.

  5. davidsquall351
    | Reply

    I should try that master cleanse diet.

  6. RoadBanditUSA
    | Reply

    @davidsquall351 Go for it bro. If you do try it out make sure to document it and I will get it up on Road Bandit

  7. RoadBanditUSA
    | Reply

    @NREnger Definitely 🙂

  8. barbaraclauserdotcom
    | Reply

    Just loved this new friend.

  9. hkdiva2015
    | Reply

    Currently on Day 3 of the cleanse program and would like to say that I’m still feeling not bad at all. However on Day 3 alone, I’ve been constantly pissin during the day. Up until this point, I did manage to get some of the florescent orange mucus out and a lot of florescent yellow or orange bile along with some brown curd.

  10. ArkansasGillum
    | Reply

    awesome dude..Love this video

  11. RoadBanditUSA
    | Reply

    @ArkansasGillum Thanks for the support 🙂

  12. RoadBanditUSA
    | Reply

    @hkdiva2015 wow thats some details and a half. Hang in there. How long ya going for?

  13. RoadBanditUSA
    | Reply

    @barbaraclauserdotcom Thank you so much 🙂

  14. hkdiva2015
    | Reply

    @RoadBanditUSA I’m looking to go for 10 days at this time.

  15. dingo27mobile
    | Reply

    That cat sand looks like washing powder.

  16. sexyellex
    | Reply

    I like your show! You have a great sense of humor!!

  17. insidertaken2
    | Reply

    thank you for the request
    i enjoy your company

  18. spamstoper3
    | Reply


  19. footsiefree
    | Reply

    I like your show. Great cat. You inspire me to continue to go for my dreams of traveling and painting what I see along the road and selling my work. Thanks for posting.

  20. tobirates
    | Reply

    Not funny at all! You friended us before you subscribed to us! Why can’t you just subscribe?!

  21. Torn80cj
    | Reply

    Best thing to do if you havent eaten in days is to drink a pepsi or sprite. It will knock out that “about to vomit feeling”. Then you can eat, but eat slowly, don’t rush it down.

  22. edurubio2000
    | Reply

    very nice !!!

  23. cbeecbeecbeecbee
    | Reply

    Seems very interesting! With a little extra effort, this would be the begining of an exciting career……miles to go my friend and go for it!
    Believe in your dreams, work on it and you will soon find them getting fulfilled.

  24. hoamatloand
    | Reply


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