Rescue Pets

Over the last week, emotions have run high for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, which provides a home for an average of 3,000 pets every month. Shelters have been banning together to rescue animals abandoned and homeless from the hurricanes, but they cannot continue their efforts without the help from the public. Shelters have limited space to care for animals, and if the animals are not adopted, they have to be put down. However, Brazos Valley residents stepped in and helped adopt the rescued animals.

During the next week, the Montgomery County Animal Shelter is expecting to receive hundreds of more animals from Galveston and Houston. These pets go through a traumatic experience, and it doesn’t end when they reach a shelter. It’s up to individuals and families to adopt these animals, so they don’t become euthanized.

In an effort to honor these rescued pets, a contest is underway to discover the RSPCA Dog of the Year. From now until the end of September, people are invited to vote online for their favorite rescued animal. Dogs are from England and Wales, and you can select up to six dogs (one from each region) from the 50 that are there to choose from. The winning dog will receive various prizes and one important prize is health insurance for one year. This competition shows that rescued animals can be a great addition to your family.

Donate your time and home to animal shelters during their time of need. Rehoming animals is a challenging task, but when shelters have volunteers it can make the process more efficient and successful. Even if you take pets in your home temporarily for the shelters, it can relieve stress and reduce the need for euthanasia. Hundreds of pets will be in need of a home so show your support through adoption or volunteering.

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