REQUESTED: Taming your Hamster using the Bathtub Method; How to Tame your Hamster Part 3

This was a requested by robohamsterfinactic. This is the final part in my series “How to Tame your Hamster” You will be interacting more with your hamster wh…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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23 Responses

  1. Kaelynn Wright
    | Reply

    I ain’t trimmed I’m good jk I’m sensitive.

  2. jodie louise
    | Reply

    i love your gloves i would ask were you got them from but i live in the uk
    check out my channel though

  3. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    The intro song is on the wing by owl city

  4. hammieloveXX
    | Reply

    What is the song plz tell me!

  5. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    If you have a dwarf hamster I recommend being at least 10 because the
    hamsters are smaller and (in my opinion) a lot quicker. So either an adult
    can tame them or whomever would like to. But be warned that they may bite
    you so you might now want to have small children do this as the child may
    get scared and freak the hamster out.

  6. luke foskett
    | Reply

    at what age would you advise doing this?

  7. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    No problem. Hey, wanna check out my questions and answers video???

  8. sparklesbo0m
    | Reply

    omg! my hamster name is stardust ! it’s an robovorski brown dwarf hamster!
    im in the process of taming him check out my vids and request!

  9. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    The intro music is On The Wing by Owl City. I don’t remember if I added any
    other music besides that.

  10. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    You probably can take them outside as long as there aren’t anything out
    there that are bad for them or could harm them. Watch my video on safety
    tips for bringing your hamster outside.

  11. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    Thanks. I’m using a fake hamster because 1 Holle is already tame and at the
    time, both of my hamsters were sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb them.
    I filmed these video clips at separate times.

  12. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    That’s really cool. I’ll check out your channel.

  13. ciara brown
    | Reply

    Hammigirls3114 can you feed them sun flower seeds?

  14. halle AJ
    | Reply

    can you take Syrian hamster’s outside?

  15. ciara brown
    | Reply

    thank you hammiegirls3114

  16. HappyHammys
    | Reply

    Great video! just want to know why were u using a fake hamster? πŸ™‚

  17. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    Yes you can. They are great treats, but don’t feed them too many per day
    because they are very fattening.

  18. Justin Brown
    | Reply

    Hammiegirl is it possible for humans to play fight with hamsters?

  19. GoldFlower24
    | Reply

    awsome video, you gave me and chipper ( my hamster ) great tips!

  20. halle AJ
    | Reply

    can you take Syrian hamsters outside?

  21. Shamiya Tolbert
    | Reply

    What is the name of this song?

  22. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    I don’t know what you mean by “play fight.” But if you are doing something
    that is potentially threatening your hamster, they will not like it. They
    may become un-tame because they feel threatened. I wouldn’t recommend “play
    fighting,” but this is all hypothetical right?

  23. hammiegirls3114
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot πŸ˜€ I’m glad I could help

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