Reining Training Your Horse to Spin pt.1 In this horse training clip, reining and cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha demonstrates how to train green horses to a r…

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49 Responses

  1. christophe dandurand
    | Reply

    That really helps, thanks so much!! i’m in Québec !

  2. Nicole Kasyan
    | Reply

    can you spin a horse in an english saddle?

  3. sunnyandmusic
    | Reply

    so my horse spins. she plants her out leg instead of her inside one…does
    it matter what leg they plant on?

  4. ltrocha
    | Reply

    @KnightHawke01 Yes, I’m using some leg pressure as well. And I explain more
    about it in the other spin videos. Larry T.

  5. Sierra Foster
    | Reply

    You look like a younger version of George Strait. Lol

  6. ltrocha
    | Reply

    Hi Alesha, Yes, occasionally. No clinics are currently scheduled because I
    plan on moving my training stable over by Sacramento and I’m not sure when
    that will happen. Larry

  7. Cheyenne Schmeikal
    | Reply

    Hello very nice! this is how you teach your horse how to move when someone
    is by the rear end, i taught my horse this because i have a little sister
    who is blind. so you will need a halter and rope. 1. look and the horses
    rear end and kiss at him. 2. if not wave your hand in a circle. if he moves
    reward him. 3. name it. i named it spin and he does it automatically.

  8. Alyssa Hutton
    | Reply

    love watching these videos, my mare knows her leg pressures and is soft in
    the mouth, she’s just so frustrating to work with because she is very
    “mareish”, any ideas as to how I can get her attention instead of her being
    so focused on everything/everyone else?

  9. Hailey Marie
    | Reply

    This will be so challenging to tech my morab.

    | Reply

    Cool! It helps alot!

  11. noodle0912
    | Reply

    I must be recieving false instruction, because my instructor is constantly
    telling me to tighten and grab hold of my reins (this is for Western
    riding). You seem to be loosening your reins more, and it looks a lot

  12. ltrocha
    | Reply

    Stay tuned cattlerancher. The best is yet to come.

  13. horsetrainingtips
    | Reply

    best vids ever

  14. Kelsey Carter
    | Reply

    Larry, I worked on this for the first day with my 4 year old standardbred
    mare. We’ve been working on neck reining so she is still fairly new to it,
    but she is becoming more supple and willing to turn. When I use a
    rein/release fashion and begin getting her to turn, we just stay in bigger
    circles and never bring it down small enough to actually spin. Should I
    work on the turn and go more, or is there another step I can take?

  15. Aubree Bennett
    | Reply


  16. AndalusianMystiqe
    | Reply

    I have an 8 year old Foundation QH mare who was used entirely for trail
    riding, very little area work, however she’s got amazing blood lines for
    cutting, (Lots of Talos and Lena bred in her) But I plan on using her for
    gymkanna/barrel racing, We’ve worked a bit on slide stops for reining, and
    I’m definately going to use your tecnique for teaching her spins!! (HH Sexy
    lil Sydney by Dry Talos Cutterbill out of FrectSmoke Pocopep)

  17. LopBunnnyFarmer
    | Reply

    Nice Cinch B uddy So Safe yah right

  18. ltrocha
    | Reply

    @Waybueno If you watch “Part 3” of this video series, you’ll learn exactly
    “WHY” your horse HOPS when spinning. Larry T.

  19. MsKenzie999
    | Reply

    what kind of bit are you using

  20. ltrocha
    | Reply

    @laurahmartin Glad I could help, Laura. Good luck. Larry T.

  21. Krisreiner
    | Reply

    if you puch the rein to his neck, do you also use your outside leg?

  22. Keleigh Hansberry
    | Reply

    Man i am really wanting to teach my horse to spin but she cant even piviot.
    and when i try she just paws the ground. Can you help/

  23. light351
    | Reply

    Tip is to do that again a wall..

  24. ltrocha
    | Reply

    Be patient. More are coming.

  25. William Johns
    | Reply

    thanks Larry..

  26. maverickqueen1
    | Reply

    I took a reining clinic with Larry. He talks and trains in person just like
    does on this clip. I’m here to say that his methods that I use get results.
    I watch them many times, not just once. I find that I forget something or
    just slack off a little on the cues. These clips are helpful reminders.

  27. LaRanaTJ
    | Reply

    Can you tell me what kind of bit you use please?

  28. Laura Martin
    | Reply

    Having huge issues with my colt pivoting on wrong foot and couldn’t figure
    out how to get him to change – the video helped immensely and hopefully
    pushing him out of it at trot/lope will improve this – Thanks Larry, really
    appreciate it and also the rider critique video showing me EXACTLY what I
    am doing wrong! Laura

  29. xShilohxLovex
    | Reply

    That really helps, thanks so much!!

  30. hidrotejano
    | Reply

    gracias i’m mexican, very tanks

  31. Alex Muery
    | Reply

    My gelding is a bit lazy to respond to leg, and rein commands (he responds
    well to my vocal commands to accelerate though, and especially whoa).
    Anything you would suggest to improve him?

  32. coyotee62
    | Reply

    what if your horse pushes his shoulder out?

  33. ltrocha
    | Reply

    You are welcome, FE. Larry T.

  34. Mingo Jockey
    | Reply

    my horse hill billy allready knows how to neck rien and leg keys so i want
    to train him to spin. this helps allot! thanx!

  35. Breyerluvr22
    | Reply

    Hi, I’m trainin my seven year old mare to spin, she has a GREAT stop, and
    stops when you say whoah and sit back… But she has an issue going to the
    left. with barrels we got left right right instead of right left left…
    She doesn’t really want to spin the the left as result, she’s doing fine
    otherwise… What can i do to help her?

  36. maryandpolly
    | Reply

    Hi this has not much to do with the video but… my horse has been brought
    up the parelli way and i dont understand the way you lunge. is there any
    way you can re teach a horse to lunge that is not afraid of the wip?
    thanks, mary (:

  37. Iamacooljodi
    | Reply

    Hi Larry, I have seen most of your video’s and these have helpt me to get
    mij horse ready for reining shows en working-cow shows. The reins i ordert
    3 years ago (havy reins) still do there “job” very well. I hope to follow a
    clinic at your ranch in the comming years. Greathings from the Nederlands

  38. leilaminette
    | Reply

    Very nice larry & keep them coming. 🙂

  39. emr2e
    | Reply

    This makes perfect sense. Thanks for posting!

  40. toritobailaasi
    | Reply

    i ment stuff not stud sry

  41. Gabe Ortiz
    | Reply

    Thanks Larry your videos are absolutely helpful to me and every trainer.
    The thing is that I’m training a horse the basics, but it’s charro reining
    which mexican bits and reining. Is it good to teach my horse the american
    reining style?? thank you so much////

  42. ltrocha
    | Reply

    Hi LaRana, That is a John Israel, low, square port, mullen mouth with 8″
    shanks. The horse in the video is green in this curb bit and you can see
    he’s not comfortable with it yet. Just a week earlier, he was still in a
    ring snaffle. Larry

  43. countrystar88
    | Reply

    Hi Lary, my horse has done level 1 in parelli natrual horsemanship and he
    will spin his front end away from me on the ground but he wont do it when
    im on him if u could give me some tips on how to get him to do it when im
    on him that would be great. Jessica

  44. MsKenzie999
    | Reply

    does your horse have to know how to pibvit on the ground first before
    teaching them to spin

  45. eddiesizer
    | Reply

    that horse is pretty advanced u should use a less advance one

  46. Erica Franck
    | Reply

    my mare will yield her forequarters going to the right but when we try the
    left. she really locks up in the front and swings her butt, gonna try the
    whole turn and forward motion today and see what happens.

  47. Rachel Mackie
    | Reply

    Very good class ,thanks for uploading !

  48. ltrocha
    | Reply

    Glad you like him LMH. I liked him too. When I got him finished in the
    bridle, I won a couple year-end championships on him in the open division.
    His owner won a year-end championship in the non-pro division as well.
    Larry T.

  49. 545mac
    | Reply

    this is a good video im gonna try slowly with my green horse

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