Reasons Cats Throw Up and Ways to Treat a Vomiting Cat

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description Proactive veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker discusses the reason why cats throw up and the ways to treat a vomiting cat.

What do you think?

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5 Responses

  1. HigherWaysWoman
    | Reply

    thank you so much for this informative video! I have a female cat, she’s fixed, recently I baked chicken breasts & got her to at this, first time in 4yrs she has never eaten meats that r HUman foods. Chicken was baked thoroughly & dear Lord it tore up her digestive tract! Diahrrea w/sum blood first day & constant diahrrea from there out. I put her on 2mgs steroid immediately. By the 3rd day I took her to the vet. Its believed she got a certain type of bacteria from the chicken, put on antibiotic

  2. HigherWaysWoman
    | Reply

    And was put on a pain rx, starts w/a Z, that melts in their mouth. It was a few days later I noticed “her skin turned a dark blue”!! My cat is solid black, black pads, black whiskers, etc. So this took several days for me to catch. 🙁 Itching is terrible. Called Vet said wasn’t in the rx, but nothing else was different in her diet. Have any idea(s) what caused this & how to treat it? Oh steroid dose 2mgs evry 12hrs. I’m very careful w/this. I’ve felt so bad that I got her to eat sum baked meat

  3. HigherWaysWoman
    | Reply

    Now I’m afraid to give them any type of meat whether baked &/or raw. There r so much chemicals added to our meats that this was what I was afraid of happening. So any ideas? Also, we live right around crops. Farmers spray pesticides & moths, grasshoppers, etc get sprayed & then fly into residential area’s where they are consumed by our pets. When I’ve spoke about this to vets & a vet at the aspca, they went into a hysteria denial, which validated my suspicions. Kidney, gums, etc problems

  4. HigherWaysWoman
    | Reply

    All the health problems one would see w/pesticide(s) poisoning. Its not hard to figure out when I see my cat eat a moth &/or grasshopper & then 1) passing gas has terrible odor, 2) digestion irritation 3) down the road typical health problems known to pesticides. My question, is there anyway to fight this?! Next the flea chemical placed between the shoulders causes tumors & sum times bad cases of tumors. Why would company’s put such a horrible product out know’g this will happen?

  5. HigherWaysWoman
    | Reply

    Last, Science Diet dry food my cats threw this up every time they ate it. I learned they put a chemical in it that is used in making “tires”. I can’t seem to find the name of this particular chemical, do you know what it is? And why wuld they put this in their food to begin with?! I have found ONE cat food that doesn’t make my cats vomit. Suave Strawberry Shampoo is excellent flea shampoo & works tremendously well! Do NOT Substitute this for any others. Public announcement to help pet lovers

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