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YouTube Description

Try not to laugh!my puppy is very shy of the camera and got so nervous/ frightened that he farted! Hilarious! TWITTER: nervous puppy dog farts fart farting hilarious funny try not to laugh cute dog farting dog farting dog farting dog farting dog farting…

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16 Responses

  1. pegasusreviews
    | Reply

    skip to 0:37

  2. joshfuller21
    | Reply

    awwww soooo cute u should upload this to votemyvid com and get ur friends´╗┐ to vote for u

  3. ZeeJeff
    | Reply

    …the fuck

  4. TheGenuinejenny
    | Reply

    Watch my “Farting Cat” Video

  5. MattandNate919
    | Reply

    Sabian’s such a cutie!

  6. NitroInhale
    | Reply

    That just made my fucking day, and it’s only 5:00 a.m. :p

  7. iTwinLyrics
    | Reply

    NICEE Hahahaha

  8. TTaylorr
    | Reply


  9. cooperkerr1
    | Reply

    thats hilarious xD

  10. MySamisbest
    | Reply

    I didn’t laugh

  11. qfarrawr
    | Reply

    @MySamisbest are you a ginger or something ?

  12. annastacialovesu123
    | Reply

    NICE……blame it on the dog… -_-

  13. cooperkerr1
    | Reply

    That’s cute

  14. TheWCChronicles
    | Reply

    that was funny

  15. 2moreme
    | Reply

    Haha. That was big one. XD My dogs have never made sound when they fart, but stinks.

  16. Youbob johnson
    | Reply

    I have a video that should be funny! My Dog runs from his own farts!

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