Reality Show for Cats

MelFelines are finicky creatures. One minute they are cuddling up to your leg and purring then the next minute they are trying to attack your feet. You never can tell what their mood will be, especially if you have a multi-cat household. If you want to learn some tips and tricks on how to improve your living space with your cats, plan to watch the new episodes of “Housecat Housecall” on Animal Planet this coming summer.

The show, presented by Purina Cat Chow, introduces real life people who have different issues with their cats. Some cats have problems with aggression while others have developed bad habits like chewing on plants and hanging on their owner’s hip.

Veterinarian Dr. Katrina Warren hosts the show and provides do-it-yourself solutions to deter or stop your cat from acting out. Dr. Katrina designs the solutions so they are beneficial to the cat’s physical and emotional needs. She also consults with two other experts, Purina Cat Chow Mentor Dr. Debra Horwitz and Dr. Stacy Fuchino. Each episode features three different cat owners, and Dr. Katrina visits and observes the cats in their environment.

While you are waiting for the new episodes to start, catch up by watching the older ones on the show’s site. Meet Chumley, Pancake, Midas and others, because maybe their stories will resonate with yours. The online videos give advice on how to keep peace within a multi-cat household and how to introduce your cat to a new baby.

Cats can be independent pets, but they still require training and attention in order to prevent them from misbehaving. Whether you have an older or younger cat, you will most likely see them doing something interesting that they probably have never done before. However, it’s important to remember that some behaviors may be a result of underlying issues such as anger or anxiety, which need to be remedied in order for the cat to maintain their inner harmony.

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