Raw Dog Food

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

What pet food companies don’t want you to know about…

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. StrangeFlavoredRey
    | Reply

    great video – I love people who treat their canine companions with love and respect!

    by the way, any suuggestions for a miniature pug, he’s about 12 lbs.
    he’s moderately active – I take him for about a mile and a half walk everyday, but it rains frequently so sometimes we don’t get the opportunity

  2. scoobidy
    | Reply

    Thank you for this very informative piece! I have been feeding my dogs (I have 6 rescues) raw food for a few weeks now and they love it! Your Vizslas are so cute! I love their little sweet faces. Are you in the US or abroad? I am going to buy some Halshan, do you think that is a good brand?

  3. traveleverymonth
    | Reply

    Yeah, Halshan is pretty good brand, yes. I bought them a few times during my stay in the US. Then I realized that making my own is more cost effective. If you have Whole Foods Market of Gelsons Market close by , they sell you the frozen ground meat they didn’t sell as dog-food.
    6 dogs…wow Mate, you must be busy! I admire you!

  4. bayleklek
    | Reply

    They are so lovely!!!!

  5. traveleverymonth
    | Reply

    thank you!

  6. manthy89
    | Reply

    i feed my dog a food that 80% meat, and the rest seasonal vedges, a tiny bit of cod liver oil, garlic, eggs, and added bone chip and blood. also give her chicken necks, raw bones and green tripe which she gobbles up! its commen sense to feed our dogs what they use to eat/what they would eat in the wild as thats what theyre stomaches are designed for. anything else messes with the stomaches ph level, its annoying that pet food companys have convinced us otherwise! k9 natural food is good!

  7. traveleverymonth
    | Reply

    Manthy, I do agree with you, excellent choices for your pet! I do the same! However common sense is NOT that common these days! People are mislead by “vets” and the media…

    | Reply

    I have a 60 pound very active dog how much should I be feeding him. How much do you spend a month on dog’s food?

  9. traveleverymonth
    | Reply

    I give my dog 1lb meat , he is about 40lbs. 1 and a half would be my guess? I don’t spend too much on dog food, I do 1 day bones, next day ground meat. I would say about 12 pounds(i am the UK) If you live in the sates, Gelsons, whole foods market sells ground meat for dogs(they used to)..for bones you can do raw chicken, turkey necks, chicken back is great, too! The other day I do the ground meat with veggies, raw egg..etc. this way his stool is not too hard or soft..

  10. alorena
    | Reply

    how much cod liver oil do u add to their meal?
    By the way your dogs are beautiful.

  11. traveleverymonth
    | Reply

    just one small teaspoon, he gets it only every other day when I feed him ground meat…he doesn’t get it with the bones..Thank you!

  12. Luciek69
    | Reply

    Lovely dogs.
    I’ve got a question, maybe you could help me out:

    We’ve started feeding out WHITE miniauture bullterier raw food. On normal dog food he had nasty rush on his mouth and nose, lots of diareas and bloatings. after we gave him raw chicken with veggies, olive oil, raw egg he would get little better with the rush and the diarea would stop for a while. we give him 1 pound of meat a day.

  13. Luciek69
    | Reply

    We had to keep changing the type of meat ( otherwise bad diearea again). 3 days chicken, 3 days red meat. I like to throw in some chicken liver, pork heart etc.
    He’s been raw for 6 months. About 2 months ago he started have a running nose, infected ears and eyes. the nose is still running. No help with the eyes ( doing antibiotics eye drops ) so far.

    What do we do?
    He’s got very sensitive skin as all white bullies do.

  14. traveleverymonth
    | Reply

    theholisticvet com used to be my vet in LA, he does phone consultations for problems. I am NOT a doctor.
    I would never use antibiotics for my dog, try silver colloid instead. It works well for my vizsla if he has skin problems or eyes..
    As far as diet goes I do 1 day bones(chicken back, necks, turkey necks) 1 day ground meat to have a variety in his diet. It is important to freeze the meat 3-4 days before you give it to them. This way any bacterium would die in the raw meat..hope that helps.

  15. Luciek69
    | Reply

    @traveleverymonth Thanks. Freezing the meat made a big difference.

    what do you do about the BAD breath? At least my dog has it ( smells of rotting raw – obviously – meat).

  16. traveleverymonth
    | Reply

    Raw food helped my dog with bad breath, they tipically have the bad breath due to the dry food, all the perservatives, i would say give it some time, but my dog lost the smell after raw..

  17. paulgem123
    | Reply

    I would be interested in knowing the benefits of this type of diet for my dog. please PM me. Thank you!

  18. RummyMummy
    | Reply

    my dog developed an itching problem! after some research i learned that it was because she is not getting the proper nutrients from her dog food. after FURTHER research, i learned that the raw diet is the best way to go….however, i am a vegetarian and cutting up meat makes my stomach turn. im wondering if you have any suggestions because i dont have a problem buying the meat for her i just dont want to de-bone anything! can i feed her ground turkey right from the package?

  19. traveleverymonth
    | Reply

    i typed out an email, i can’t post the info here for you. too long and want to give you website. here I can not. youtube censors
    give me an email and I will be happy to send you some useful tips

  20. traveleverymonth
    | Reply

    @RummyMummy you email up here is blocked for non-friends..

  21. stushami
    | Reply

    hi i was wondering if you could send me some more info about the raw diet and the fermented vegetables. my email is amirshami@hotmail.com
    thank you very much
    your dogs are beautiful !

  22. stushami
    | Reply

    hi i was wondering if you could send me some more info about the raw diet and the fermented vegetables. my email is amirshami@hotmail.com
    thank you very much
    your dogs are beautiful !

  23. dlphnluva
    | Reply

    i would love to make this for my dogs if u could send me a recipe and also i am a vegetarian as well, meat suggestions that dont take much handling would be great. please email me lauralouwho@ymail.com thanks

  24. NovaTheDane
    | Reply

    if you still send e-mails out can you send me one to NovaTheDane@yahoo.com ? We would love to know more about this!

  25. dolphinsfan1990
    | Reply

    i feed my dog taste of the wild

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