Rat Types, Markings & Colours!

Click on HD to see in HD. This is a video showing you and explaining to you the common types, markings and colours of rats. Hope you find this helpful and enjoy 🙂 x MY LINKS: Facebook page:…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

32 Responses

    | Reply

    theawesomeperson – Oh wow, glad your view has changed and thanks :)

  2. Maggie Wooz
    | Reply

    I want rats but my mom judges them too much (^_^)

  3. Hamster Horsesandcats
    | Reply

    Great video! 🙂 very informative ;D Lots of colours and patterns :3 <3

    | Reply

    RandomVlogger Georgia – Thank you! :)

  5. Brooke Matthews
    | Reply

    Thankyou 🙂 that really helps. 

  6. marchita2009
    | Reply

    It’s really sad that they feed them to snakes.

    | Reply

    Justine Hewlett – Thanks! Yeah they are! Hehe yep they sure are 😉 Oh right
    hey then! :)

  8. Noevilea
    | Reply

    I bought 2 top eared ruby eyed – a male and female both what I call a
    caramel colour but is this what you refer to as beige.
    Male is all caramel but the female is all white with a caramel hoody so i
    called her Hoody.
    Called the male Kane as in cane as in sugar cane heated gives a caramel
    I can see why they are called ruby eyed but mine are more like the colour
    of blood..

  9. Petco
    | Reply

    Great tips! 

  10. Bunky Kat
    | Reply

    I’m worked about getting a wild rat because is there fur nasty and corse
    because I want a rat fur that I can pat.

  11. Angel's Critter Corner
    | Reply

    I made one of these videos, too 🙂 Check it out if you could! I’m trying to
    grow my channel! I only have 3 videos up at the moment, but keep on the
    lookout for more (^_^)

  12. Efa Morris LolOlOloLoL
    | Reply

    I got 2 Rattys one is a Symise the other is a bermise I think 

  13. theawesomeperson
    | Reply

    i used to hate rats but now watching all pet rat videos make me wanna get
    ones <3 i love the video :)

  14. RatGirl44
    | Reply

    I did this a few weeks ago

  15. HamiForLife
    | Reply

    Aw I love looking at such cute rats and animals I love this video 

  16. I Rusty Ronan I
    | Reply

    My rat is a rainbow coulored rat :)

  17. animalinfo4you
    | Reply

    This was such a great video! I loved looking at all the different types of
    rats there are. The rex is my favourite! This will sure help loads of
    people. 🙂 Good job! 

  18. justicehippie
    | Reply

    I want a rat so bad but my mom won’t let me get one because she thinks
    they’re mean and ugly:(

  19. Brooke Matthews
    | Reply

    Hi 🙂 I have had many pet rats in the past. And I love them dearly!
    Although, I could only get them at petstores since my parents don’t want me
    to get some rats from a breeder because we don’t know any, and they don’t
    want me to pay $25 dollars for two rat pups. Anyways, this summer I am
    thinking of getting a pair of sisters and I’d like to know if a pet store
    is the best place to buy one again. Sadly, all of my babies eventually
    ended up dieing from tumors around 3-4 years. Where do you buy your rats?
    Are there healthy rats at petstores? p.s. I love your videos amazing work!

  20. Aries Belle
    | Reply

    Omg!!! XD you’re SUCH a great help!! You see I always hated rats, and when
    my cousins got a few I was (can’t believe I felt this….DX) ABSOLUTELY
    disgusted. But I never met them, judgmental of me right? Like wtf??? Well I
    was paying class dues to the Student Advisor a few days ago and a saw 2 of
    them and I stayed away until she threatened to not give me my receipt until
    I have at least met them. Not only did I get my receipt, I got to pet,
    play, and hold them. It was such a shocker that they were so amazing that
    now I want one of my own, BUT I need to do my research! XD my mom already
    said no but my mom loves people that are educated and have answers to her
    1000+ questions. XD I will work hard on my research, and hopefully,
    convince my mom in allowing me to get one. Again, THANK YOU, every bit of
    information counts!!! 

  21. GerbNerdLolz
    | Reply

    Nice! 🙂 I have made a gerbil color and genetic video! I love the videos
    where they show you all the colors and markings of an animal! Loved this!

  22. HamiForLife
    | Reply

    I hope this video will help everyone I hope one day it will help me.

  23. Pet Planet
    | Reply

    I am getting a rat soon .I am sooooo excited about it

  24. HammyLux
    | Reply

    Goodness!! Why do you do this to me??!! Every time I watch your adorable
    videos on the rats I just want to go and get some!!!! Lol !! Such an
    informative video I don’t know to much on rats apart from you teaching me
    so much from your videos haha was a great video to watch and thanks for

  25. hamsterloverforever1
    | Reply

    Hehe great video! Awww loads and loads of cute ratties!!!! I love my little
    girls , jem jem and jazzie! ❤️
    Sends rattie face 

  26. Miss Hamster
    | Reply

    Lovely video! It’s amazing to see all the different fur types and colours
    rats come in 🙂 The dumbo rat is just super cute <3 

  27. Lauren Osborne
    | Reply

    Hi, i just wanted to let you know i now have 2 more rats XD! 2 four week
    old hairless babies
    If tou would like to see them, my insta is @rat_mom

  28. Sunny Redinger
    | Reply

    I watched this video hoping you would say what color Honey is! Honey is the
    most gorgeous rat I have ever seen and would love to know what the
    color/markings are!

  29. The Rattie Life
    | Reply

    I love this video <3 Thank you for posting, it's so helpful!! 

  30. Csepeck14
    | Reply

    Well I got some new rats but I thought I would share everyone now (I got 2
    new males, bumping my amount of rats up to 10!)
    1. Riley- a dumbo Russian blue (it’s a dark blue) blazed hooded
    2. Micah- a red eye Himalayan standard ear
    3. Kestrel- standard ear black hooded Rex
    4. Nova- brown eyed Berkshire double Rex dumbo
    5. Jetta- hairless red eyed dumbo
    6. Avicci- an odd eye dove (black and red eyes) patched Dalmatian dumbo
    7. Eevee- a dove patched ruby eyes dumbo
    8. Nixie- black English Irish dumbo
    9. Unamed- American blue (light shade of blue) Rex dumbo
    10. Unamed- black eyed white, standard ear rex
    Those are all my babies and their markings colors and types 🙂 great video!

  31. Minarie
    | Reply

    The tailless rat is a abused breed. They aren’t good in balancing and their
    skeletton is deformed. They can only be breed with a tailles male and a
    normal rat because a tailles female rat can’t give birth and would die
    because of the deformation of her hips and hindlegs.

    I really don’t like those kind of breed because many of those rats don’t
    get old and die with pain. Many of them are also often born with paralysed
    hindlegs. But the mother rat mostly kill them. If not, most breedes do
    killing them because they want to sell their “healthy” tailles rats.

  32. StormyPets26
    | Reply

    Amazing video as always! 😀 I love your informative video soo much! So

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