Rat Training 5-Fetch (Advance)

This video is about training a rat to fetch (yeeees I’m stating the obvious.) There are a few subtle technical glitches but they’re nothing to worry about. O…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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32 Responses

  1. donald main
    | Reply

    Absolutely FANTASTIC range of videos, would be great if you could make some
    more they are so good 🙂

  2. missdisorientated
    | Reply

    Great video, thank you!

  3. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Thankyou very much : )

  4. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    No problem. Good luck with that. : P

  5. Cameron Oz
    | Reply

    Ok… so freak’n google and youtube merging has completely messed up my
    THScam2009 account… I can’t log in. Can you possibly send that message to
    this account PLEEEEeAAASSSEEE!!!!! I would much appreciate it.

  6. Anna Rostagno
    | Reply

    I am teaching my rat to spin, jump and rise up on hid legs… It’s just
    simple tricks, but he is having so much fun wih it 🙂 I can really see when
    he comes and “asks” me to play 🙂

  7. NewYorkBaby123
    | Reply

    Well I can’t wait till you do make a new one even if it a old one made
    again 😀

  8. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    No problem ; )

  9. RegashiAnko
    | Reply

    Hey cool videos! Cute rats <3 By the way how do you get that wooden branch
    thing in the cage to stay up? I want something like that for my rats but i
    dont know how to attatch it (I have the same cage as you!)

  10. revengethirst
    | Reply

    @MasterOfTheMidgets thank you for responding, and i’ll take one step and
    one trick at a time. I’m glad that i’m not the only person, loving rats. 🙂
    hugz to u

  11. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Hay thanks!

  12. Singer4ever00
    | Reply

    Plz do more vids

  13. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    @CyberBitch I recon with persistance and patients you shouldn’t have any
    problem. ; )

  14. austin murphy
    | Reply

    i liked the naw vidio it rocks!

  15. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou tooooo ; P

  16. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    @revengethirst If you try to do more than one you will probably just end up
    with some very confused ratties 😛 And yes I agree, they are super-cute XD

  17. Liz M
    | Reply

    You are awesome! Thank you for posting awesome videos and loving rats. PS:
    your accent is also awesome 😉

  18. flobergobin
    | Reply

    And also…. This may sound dumb but wats uni?

  19. RegashiAnko
    | Reply

    Yup lol

  20. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Yes ; ) Unfortunetly Cheddar (the ginger one) hasn’t been too well so I
    haven’t been able to make videos for a while. I do intend to make more
    soon. I’ll probably remake the sixth first though cause it’s soooo bad and
    soooo boreing : P

  21. kisvinet
    | Reply

    I like the video, but I love the little jump at 2:45 🙂

  22. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    I hope to once uni is over. 😀

  23. Caity116
    | Reply

    Thanks! 🙂

  24. mschwibi
    | Reply

    thank you! thank you! thank you! i looooove your vidios

  25. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply


  26. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply


  27. flobergobin
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry about your rats…. I hope to get rats some day. I’ve seen so
    many false videos on YouTube but I love yours!

  28. THScam2009
    | Reply

    So I am going to begin training this tonight. I have always wanted my girls
    to fetch. As for the item that my “rats. just. love” I got a rubber ball
    much like yours, but after giving them the ball they obliterated it in only
    a couple of minutes. Any suggestions???

  29. YlvaCullen
    | Reply

    I love your sound of reward! 😀 <3

  30. RegashiAnko
    | Reply

    Ohhh thanks lol, as you probably guessed i didnt really look at the ones in
    the pet shop, i thought, theres the snake stuff…hamsters….guinea
    pigs…birds…Ooh A Stick!….rabbits… lol Thankss =]

  31. Bryson Last
    | Reply

    Awesome! “the rat will be playing real fetch, yeeeeeaaa” lol great vid

  32. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Glad you found it usefull. Rats are great pets. (I have to mention that
    they are happyer in pairs)

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