Rat Training 2-Beg

This will show you how to train a rat to beg(stand up)on comand. The next will be on training a rat to push over a set of dominose! (Kinda crazy I know!) Yes…

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33 Responses

  1. Megan Mccandless
    | Reply

    Your videos are SO helpful!!! thanks a bunch!!!:)

  2. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Tehehe. Thanks. I hate making the videos too formal. The huraaahhh was
    rather feeble too cause I hade a saw throte lol!

  3. returtlesister3
    | Reply

    lol huraaaahhhh!!! i love your rats, their so cute!

  4. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Just handle them (in your arms, not free roaming around the room) little
    and often so they become used to it and bribe them with a few tasty snaks.
    Eventually, with a lot of patients, they will grow to enjoy your
    interaction. Then you can let them run free and they will go to you when
    they want attention. 😀

  5. mschwibi
    | Reply

    my rat is chewing on the bars in her cage is that bad?! is it overgrown
    teeth! i am very worryed please tell me please! 🙁

  6. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Thats a good age to start but he must be fully tame and confident outside
    the cage. If he is still afraid of “the big wide world” he will be more
    concerned about where the nearest hiding place is that the treat he will
    get for the trick. Good luck!

  7. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Hold the treat above the rats nose and he will rise to his hinde quarters
    to reach it. Say beg when your rat rises and then give him the treat.
    Eventually after a bit of training you will only have to give the comand
    and he will beg ; )

  8. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Good luck : D (rats are happyer in pairs by the way)

  9. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Yay! XD I’m out of ideas now but I’ll keep you posted ; )

  10. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    @MysticalMeow Shreddies

  11. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Thanks. Try breakfast serials. Rats usually love that stuff. Its helthy too.

  12. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Why thankyou : P Rats make great pets. You’ve got a lot to look forward too
    ; )

  13. MissMaryJane
    | Reply

    One question.can I also do this with my rabbit ? would he get it ?

  14. Natasha Ward
    | Reply

    I am getting 2 rats for my birthday and I wanna give them both equal
    attention but I’m not sure how because my bedroom has so many hiding spots
    that I can’t let them just run around! Do you have any advice?

  15. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    @DaftArtifex I find it only takes a couple of days but I know it can take
    some people a few weeks. It varies. 😉

  16. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    One very good pet store-they were well cared for there.

  17. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    No problem and thanks.

  18. RoniefrowN
    | Reply

    i don’t get it — when do you say “beg” and when do you give a treat?

  19. Nick Amos
    | Reply

    Or Mom and their daughters?

  20. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Sorry to hear about that : (

  21. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Lol thanks. I gess I just find them easy to train-I just some how know what
    to do (I don’t use books or anything). Yay Cheddar has a fan : P

  22. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    This type of training is about associating sounds which works on most
    critters so you shouldn’t have any problem. ; )

  23. frogrow4242
    | Reply

    this has helped so much andmy rat learned that trick in one day smart rat
    right? Ta Ta,Cheerio,Bye Bye,Peace out!!!!!!!!

  24. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Thats so sweet. Thanks mate ; )

  25. Mitchell Mccarthy
    | Reply

    yyyeeesss it works ty very much

  26. NewYorkBaby123
    | Reply

    One of my Lost friends(Don’t really play around with her anymore)says that
    if I get 2 rats they would be closer to eachother than me but i’ve looked
    up on google:P ad it says that if I on;y get one they could get
    depressed?…What/Who should i believe?

  27. Citty Undead
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for making these videos!

  28. icefirespyro
    | Reply

    im going to start training my rat in march =]

  29. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    No problemo ; )

  30. NewYorkBaby123
    | Reply

    i’m gettin’ my rat un january for my birthday i’m gettin’ 2 of them my mom
    wants 2 brothers for me so they don’t fight but i’m thinking i’m gonna name
    ine Ideal but i can’t find another name can you halp? (i like names that r
    really different like “Ideal,Idell,Counteal,Tro etc. please give me some
    names <3

  31. NewYorkBaby123
    | Reply

    YES!!! thank you so much for that names I love them! <3 You got me the
    first name i read "Coda" !!...I love it (all of them) Thank You! <3If you
    find any more be sure to tell me 😀

  32. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Hay thanks. Glad you like them. There are a couple more vids I’ve gotta do
    but my laptop had died a death so nothing is happening yet. Bah! Its

  33. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    This suggests he’s still too cautious outside his cage, a place he knows is
    safe and so will only take them when he is inside it. Usually allowing him
    time to explore and become completely comfortable with the room should
    help. This can take a couple of weeks as he will need to have explored
    every point and be well versed with the place 😀

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