Rat Training 1-Come by Name

This is the first in a series of rat training videos! This one demonstrates how to train a rat to go to you when you call it’s name. The next is about traini…

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38 Responses

  1. JH314BB
    | Reply

    Great tip. Just got three, can’t wait to start training them.

    | Reply

    my rate lola is a baby annd isnt really intrested in treats . any pointers ?

  3. boobottle
    | Reply

    my rat hershey he kinda clingy and dont really like playing with toys he has a old big jar he loves jumping in and out of but he is very stubbon. ive had him nearly for a year. ive tought him to take food gentaly from that he is just stubborn. any advice?

  4. kangataroo
    | Reply

    Thanks for the video, I’ve been training my rat Narco to come to her name but she only comes half the time, I’m going to try this new technique and see if it works for her. 😉
    Also, Narco’s full name is Narcolepsy, her sister is Insomnia, I thought these would be cute names since their sisters.

  5. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    I would just do twenty min sessions daily so I didn’t push them hard and let them have plenty of play. Sometimes a trick only takes a couple of daily sessions. I choose to say it takes longer because some rats learn slower than others and I didn’t want people getting impatient with their rats because of me 😛

  6. MrRemmyDog
    | Reply

    How long will this process take? I am basically home all day, will that speed up the process?

  7. BadKidaz
    | Reply

    What do you use as treats for your rats?

  8. HaloofCurls
    | Reply

    My rats are still very scared. They don’t mind if I put my hand in their cage, but they don’t like to be picked up and they don’t like to come out. They don’t bite, but they’re not tame. They are three little girls, and I would really like to be able to play with them and pet them like I see other people do. But they are still very shy.

  9. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    They tend to have the capability to pick training up from any age but the younger you begin the better as it becomes a natural part of their behaviour ;D It takes longer when they’re older because it hasn’t become ingraned but it can be done with a bit of patients. I don’t bother if they’er ancient though 😛

  10. vinigure22
    | Reply

    Do your rats have to be young to teach them? Only one of my rats come to me with their name.

  11. marmar92828
    | Reply

    My last two boys, ‘Zak’ and ‘Twinkie’, learned their names without all the clicking and giving treats. I’d let them out in my room to play for a while, then when it was time for them to go back, I’d call to them and rake my fingernails on their travel cage. They would come running every time (well, almost anyway).

    Rats can be amazingly obedient animals!

  12. lovenicole266
    | Reply

    Very cute 🙂 I want to start training my Rattie, Romeo. He is a little over a year old now, and i want to teach him his name.

  13. VeronicaLovesConner
    | Reply

    She was actually really sick, we took her to the vet a few days after I made this comment, and they had her for three weeks. Now she is so lively and jumping all around it’s almost annoying 🙂 When my sister’s rat got back they were fighting a lot, too, and now they are getting along just fine.

  14. boo tiful
    | Reply

    Ive had my rats since christmas and they know the reward sound but when their outside the cage and i make the sound they ignore me!
    Please help i dont know what im doing wrong!

  15. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Hay. 😀 Rats are social critters so it is probably just loneliness which is causing her to behave this way. You’ll probably find she’s much happier once she has another bunk mate : )

  16. VeronicaLovesConner
    | Reply

    It is normal for rats to seem a bit sad when you first get them? She’s decently lively outside the cage, but in her cage, all she does is hide in her igloo. My sister is away for a few days, but when she gets back, her rat and mine will be bunking together.  But she just seems disinterested in everything – all she wants to eat is sunflower seeds, treats don’t seem to really catch her attention. I think she’s a baby, she’s pretty small. I love this video. :3

  17. WellThisIsAwkward101
    | Reply

    The black-and-white rat at 1:05 looks just like my rat Barry :D

  18. sara shine
    | Reply

    It’s actually much better after that until russell t davies leaves, then the storyline kind of drops.

  19. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    It would be the first second believe. I lost interets after that 😛
    The origonals were epic though XD

  20. sara shine
    | Reply

    xD which season of doctor who is that?

  21. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Shreddies-they are a whole grain serial so anything like that should be fine :D

  22. rick oostermann
    | Reply

    What kind of treat you give them

  23. TheSniderProductions
    | Reply

    love your cats names its hard to find twiglets in canada whenever i go to england i always bring a duffle back of them back

  24. Mari Epland
    | Reply

    Hi! I just wondered if i could use some clips from this video in a video I’m making to show my parents how great rats are 🙂 tnx !

  25. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Spur of the moment ; D

  26. rick oostermann
    | Reply

    He if my rats going out off her cages the not going to me but to the table of the stool

  27. rick oostermann
    | Reply

    he cool video i do it to my rats to but if the going out of her cages the not going to me but to the table of stool. What can i do

  28. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    I think it depends on the nature and mentality of the animal. If they show vibrancy and energy it tends to mean the critter is still mentally very sturdy so is able to learn.

  29. hopeattack
    | Reply

    in your experience, is it ever too late to begin training a rat? great video. (:

  30. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Well first things first they shouldn’t be let out unless they’re tamed but if they are then its fine. You might just be in the situation where your two, because they are still very young, are so happy and hyper that you just can’t grab them lol. I was able to just pic up my two and put them in they cage because they had become relaxed. 😀

  31. tia m
    | Reply

    my rats are 15 weeks old when i bought them. ive had them for 4 day now and they come out the cage, the problem is how do i get them back in? lol

  32. RoarsInPublic
    | Reply

    I see that you are a Doctor Who fan. 😀

  33. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    Naww. Hope it works 😀

  34. bootsiemcgee
    | Reply

    Luckily for me my last rattie didn`t need any of this training to come to me when I called him, he just caught on very quickly to his name by me saying it every time I went up to his cage to see him. Now I have a new guy and I think I`m gonna have to start this training with him, he`s much more timid.

  35. JestryDibbun
    | Reply

    You make it look so easy. I feel like when I let my rats outside of their cage, then they just want to explore, and don’t pay attention to me. What do I do?

  36. Hanneke le Roux
    | Reply

    @MasterOfTheMidgets Thanks 🙂 So excited to start training my girls!

  37. MasterOfTheMidgets
    | Reply

    That was more or less when I started to train my two. Just be sure to start with sound recognition first though. As well as being a reward indicator it also simply gets them used to being trained ; )

  38. Hanneke le Roux
    | Reply

    @MasterOfTheMidgets My rats are about 6 weeks old and they are very active, confident and curious about their environment. I was wondering whether it was okay to start training them yet or if I should wait till they are older.

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