Rat Basketball Tutorial

How-to video that shows you how to teach your rat to play rat basketball.

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17 Responses

  1. JustJ8
    | Reply

    What a cute little one! So smart.

    | Reply

    Who else goes to Millsaps and have to do this for Psychology class?

  3. Inna Gjorgieva
    | Reply

    thanks very helpful but can boys be trained?

  4. Shadow The Rat
    | Reply

    Good job! I have a similar video posted, where the rat learns to bring the ball to a raised hoop.

  5. Matthew Lee
    | Reply

    Can a dwarf hamster be trained like this?

  6. Guinea pig Couture
    | Reply

    Did anyone just stare at the rat when she was showing the items you need?

  7. Kudeshou
    | Reply

    Nope, no biting!

  8. Rylie Dotson
    | Reply

    Did the rat bite you

  9. bonnie macLeod
    | Reply

    Did not work I tried for hours would not touch the ball just tried to escape where she was and she is tame. I'm not sure why it is not working for me.but when she did touch the ball when I gave her a treat she did not take it even when I left it on the floor.and it did not get the point of the tutorial quickly

  10. Lucy Williamson
    | Reply

    What a gorgeoussss ratty rat!!!!!

  11. ClarasCustomCakes
    | Reply

    My rat just wants to find her way off the table -_-

  12. starsam4411
    | Reply

    Thank you so much, now I my rats can play basketball!

  13. Pamela Kemper
    | Reply

    My rats dont want treats when there outside their cage.I have two female rats that are young… at first they were food for my moms snakes but i got her to keep them… but if my rats wont eat out there cage should i try something out of there diet like apples or bananas?

  14. MollyFromAlaska
    | Reply

    I don't either! I'm hoping to get one soon though.

  15. Matt S.
    | Reply

    Great video! I would suggest using a clicker to be associated with the treat. Timing is everything. Clicking at the exact moment of the desired behavior instead of postponing a treat for half a second (because you're grabbing the treat with your fingers) can make a huge difference.

  16. Flutterguy99
    | Reply

    @Flutterguy99 *gliders. Sure, they're..

  17. Flutterguy99
    | Reply

    My dumb sister wants to get sugar gliders Sure, they-re cute, but they pale in comparison to rats. Rat forever! <3

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