Raising a healthy and happy puppy

Raising a healthy and happy puppy

by Cindy Frendo

Raising a puppy can be very rewarding and fun, however if it is not done correctly the puppy can develop behavioral problems and aggressive tendencies. This guide is a quick reference for those who are in need of advice on how to raise your new puppy.

Tips on how to keep the puppy happy and in good behavior Puppies really enjoy chewing on different things. They are much like human infants in the sense that they put everything in their mouths, especially during a teething period. Try and find a good toy from your local pet store that is both durable and fun. There are also puppy treats that they can snack on from time to time which will allow them to satisfy their chewing needs. Puppies crave attention and seem to always want more. It is very important that the owner is mentally and physically present during a puppies’ early years. It is not only beneficial for the puppy but it lets you keep track of anything the puppy is doing wrong. If they are tearing up pillows or carpet then it is important that you stop them and pay more attention to them. But also assert yourself, it is important to present yourself as the leader of the pack essentially.

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