Rabbit Nail Clipping

Rabbit Nail Clipping

By Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

Your rabbit will need her nails clipped fairly often, and you have two choices when it comes to clipping nails: you can take her to the vet (though, this admittedly will get expensive,) or you can cut them yourselves. (We very strongly recommend having a veterinarian show you how to do it the first time to avoid mistakes).

You can find specialized rabbit nail clippers at any pet store like PetSmart.

(Rabbit clippers are very similar to the clippers sold to trim cat’s nails – so you can use the same pair clipping your kitties’ nails.) Or, many people report success in using the same old-fashioned nail clippers you use to cut your own nails.

Before you clipping your bunny’s nails be sure you have the clippers, some flour (just in case you hit a vein,) and a towel to wrap your bunny in, making it difficult for her to squirm and try to get away. The more you’re clipping your bunny’s nails, the more you’ll discover what works best for you and your rabbit.

There are several ways you can cut your rabbits nails. First, if there is someone else with you, you can have that person securely hold your bunnywrapped in a towel (to prevent scratching) while you’re clipping the nails. You can also sit the bunny on the floor, gripping her between your legs. This makes it easy to clip the nails on the front paws, but you’ll need to be creative to cut her back feet nails.

When clipping the nails, look for the line that indicates a vein. If your bunny has dark nails, you may not be able to see it. If you can see it, do not clip into the vein or beyond. If you cannot see the vein, simply cut a very little bit. This way, you won’t accidentally hit a vein; however, you might have to cut the nails more often.

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