Rabbit Jumping: How to Get Started

Rabbit jumping competition clips are all over the internet. However few examples showed how positive reinforcement could be used to train a rabbit to jump ov…

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35 Responses

  1. Bee Vang
    | Reply


  2. cuddlebuns1231
    | Reply

    Thanks ya i have a wooden dowel with a whiffel ball :)

  3. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    The clips I have seen are using negative reinforcement. It works but not as much fun for the rabbit. Positive reinforcement creates a much more eager participant.

  4. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    straight ahead positive reinforcement training. Detailed instructions are in my DVD Bunny Training 101. You can find it on my website listed above.

  5. ShaunEquestrian
    | Reply

    How did you teach her to follow the target stick?

  6. ShaunEquestrian
    | Reply

    so, how do you teach them to jump like in the big jumping compititions?

  7. Kat1213
    | Reply

    I use a clicker and I bought a long round stick at home depot and then glued a ping pong ball at the end, it works great

  8. whiffwhoff
    | Reply

    That’s so  cute rabbit jumping

  9. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    It is a target stick. The DVD called Bunny Training 101 which you can find on my website explains where to get them and how to use them. It is a very comprehensive instructional DVD.I hope you will check it out.

  10. Negro Tamil
    | Reply

    BunnyTraining, what is the name of the stick you got there? And where do I get it? &also how do I use it? Thanks

  11. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    We ship to england. And also the DVD is available for download. Go to BarbarasFFAT to order.

  12. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    We ship to england. And also the DVD is available for download. Go to BarbarasFFAT to order.

  13. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    You can start at anytime : ) They are always learning. The rabbit in this clip was 3 when we started.

  14. Llamasrock03
    | Reply

    Oh and I also wondered if your DVD is available in England 🙂 ty

  15. Llamasrock03
    | Reply

    BunnyTraining: I wondered if you could START training a bunny when they’re one year old? Or do they have to start super young?

  16. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    Hi Jessie,
    All that info is discussed in great detail in the DVd Bunny Training 101. There should be a link to the site in the text description of the video. youtube wont let me post links in comments. I hope you will check it out.

  17. Jessie Dagger
    | Reply

    I have a question, I see you using treats with her all the time.. Do you mind listing what types of treats or reinforcements you give her when she does something right?

  18. Brittany Quach
    | Reply

    What a cute bunny!

  19. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    The website is listed above in the text and on the video. youtube wont let me post the website in the comments section : (

  20. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    I explain how to make it in the DVD. Just visit my website listed above in the text and on the video. youtube wont let me post the website in the comments section.

  21. caitlyn forester
    | Reply

    Where do you buy the equipment ? Please answer 🙂

  22. silverwolf184
    | Reply

    Whats your webiste?

  23. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    I did! : ) My DVD BunnyTraining 101 shows you how to train all this stuff. Visit my website to find it.

  24. cuddlebuns1231
    | Reply

    Hmmm but i really need to teach him how to follow the stick now…. Can you do a video on that?

  25. star688100
    | Reply

    Your rabbit is very intelligent 🙂 I can’t wait till I get a rabbit 😀 I already made a list of what I need and what I’m going to try to train it 😀

  26. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    My DVD explains how to train targeting. It is pretty simple actually and can be used to train other behaviors. It is not too late to train. My bunny was 3 years old when she arrived. Start by figuring out his favorite treats/food items and use that to reinforce desired behaviors. Animals are always learning even after they mature. Go ahead and give it a go and I am sure you will see results.

  27. Petrina SueFashionGuru
    | Reply

    how do you get your bunny to even follow the stick ?
    i feel i have left all training wayyyyy to late now for my bunny , he is a year old now

  28. Troy Do
    | Reply

    so i have to step on my bunny’s head to make him jump?

  29. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    Where did you get that idea from? Nothing in my materials ever suggests such a thing. She has free choice of pellets and hay all the time. I give her fresh veggies in the morning. I use some to train her, the rest she gets at the end of the session. And just so you know….kindness works better with humans too.

  30. Oscar Memo
    | Reply

    so I have to starv my rabbit to dead so I can feed him?

  31. Lee Rich
    | Reply

    Very helpful for me , thanks 🙂

  32. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    Positive reinforcement training : ) Detailed instructions in my DVD Bunny Training 101. Visit the website to order.

  33. hamsterloverforever1
    | Reply

    great video could u plz do a how to teach ur bun to jump???

  34. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    I just use her greens and other items from her diet. But my DVD Bunny Training 101 goes into more detail on creating motivation and treat types. You can get it from my website.

  35. Behsa Etehadi
    | Reply

    what do you feed them?

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