Quick Tip : How to trim your hamster’s nails

When I first got my tiny hamster I didn’t realize that I would have to trim her nails. I searched for tutorials and they all said to hold her little paw and trim. Dwarf hamsters are pretty…

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25 Responses

  1. AprilsAnimals
    | Reply

    +Animovie Rachet I haven’t tried trimming gerbil nails. I don’t think you
    can get them to stay still long. You might not need to trim them. You only
    have to worry if they are getting too long and curling. If they have some
    rough surfaces to run on or climb on it will help keep the nails short.

  2. CocoaPowder
    | Reply

    AprilsAnimals, my hamster won’t let me trim her nails. Whenever I try, she
    just tries to bite me and runs away. I tried using stones and rocks, but
    Cookie just stays as far as possible from them or in a corner. I tried
    putting treats on the rock so she can eat it on the rock, but she takes the
    treat and goes to a corner. (Cookie loves corners) I tried everything I can
    to trim them, BUT SHE IS JUST TOO FEISTY! I tried this strategy, and rocks.
    No change… Any advice?

  3. Casey Davies
    | Reply

    I had 2 Hamster’s one was really friendly and enjoyed being held but she
    sadly died a few months after I brought her for pets at home… hmm Make’s
    you wonder. Anyway my other one (Yes she’s till alive and healthy) her
    personality gosh, she don’t like being held for a long time she only lets
    me when she’s half alsleep or feeding of my hand (She wont sit on my hand
    she will just take the food and store it away). She wont sit like this…
    And I talk to her everyday and put her on my hand everyday and she still
    don’t like it… So how am I meant to trim her nails???
    She needs it done badly, the only time I can think of is maybe when she’s
    half alsleep but even then, if she see’s my other hand coming towards her,
    she will run! haha

  4. Almond Bunny
    | Reply

    cutie ahhhh!!

  5. Tommy J
    | Reply

    They’re such tame, almost comedic little creatures. My younger brother owns
    a russian dwarf hamster, and whenever I put my hand in the cage to pet him
    he always bites me, I’m assuming he’s protecting his home, right? Or does
    he just not like me xD

  6. yaoming yen
    | Reply

    Is it really necessary to trim hamster nails?

  7. GerbNerdLolz
    | Reply

    Wow well that was helpful! 😀 PAHA!

  8. Anlo Esiz
    | Reply

    So cute XD, thanks for the tip.
    I just bought a hamster and he have a lot of damaged and broken nails, i
    guess because he was sharing space with few more hamsters on the pet store
    and they fought a lot. There’s one nail that seems almost ripped off, from
    the tip it bleeds and the nail its pretty long, what should i do? Thanks.

  9. Moniie Ponce
    | Reply

    She is the cutest ball of fluff I’ve seen ! <3
    and she is so calm 

  10. Hanibita
    | Reply

    Holymoly. That’s one tame hamster.

  11. Hannah Nguyen
    | Reply

    My hamsters wont even stay still in my hand and If I give home a treat he
    doesn’t eat it or drops it I gave him a sunflower with peanut butter! How
    could he resist it 

  12. Sandy lyj
    | Reply

    i have never trim my hamster nails,is it bad? 

  13. noelia garcia
    | Reply

    jijijiij is adorable C:

  14. CR2504life
    | Reply

    What about the back feet ???????????????????

  15. PetsInShow LPS
    | Reply

    Mine is so tame i can hold his Paw and he doesnt moves :)

  16. 404error. tiffanie
    | Reply

    thanks ! this helps alot! 

  17. Peggy Rose
    | Reply

    Theres no need of doing that shit!! just calm down its a hamster!! 

  18. Zeros & Ones
    | Reply

    What if they won’t eat outside their cage like mine?

  19. mixedfruits07
    | Reply

    My hamster will try to pouch his treat though. :/

  20. Caiter bunch
    | Reply

    I…. WANT… A

  21. kati ter
    | Reply

    So cute

  22. Gabriela Stawarz
    | Reply

    Does your old hamster steel life? Or die?

  23. JdeVrijer
    | Reply


  24. 404error. tiffanie
    | Reply

    but im just abit scared that i might accidentally cut his hand…ouch……

  25. iHamster
    | Reply

    Remember guys, if your too scared you can always contact your vet to do it
    for you too! :D

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