Puppy’s First Training Session (Distractions, Fetch, Puppy Biting and More!)

Puppy training! Distractions, biting, leash training, fetch and more! This video is sponsored by PupFord. Get your TRAINING STARTER PACK here: https://pfrd.site/starter-training-packs

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMssKIjsDxXmMGypWsr8u-yGOUSoPoozb

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25 Responses

  1. hiei clint
    | Reply

    How many times should walk my dog outside? by the way he's 14 weeks old alaskan malamute

  2. Becci Yardley
    | Reply

    I have a 6 month old pup who hides when his harness comes out, once the harness is on he refused to do anything, any advise on how to get him to love his harness?

  3. J12karlos
    | Reply

    Hello zak i have a question ive been doing all i have seen on your videos about potty training i have an almost 12 week old puppy i keep taking him out when he is about to go potty and ive spent easily 45 min outside for him to go and nothing happens but as soon as i get back to my apt my puppy goes potty he is getting used to potty pads since he poops and pees there do you have any advice also could you make an episode about separation anxiety

  4. Katerina Scherbak
    | Reply

    I am about to take a newfoundlend puppy please make vids for my new pup😁

  5. Arte De Alcohol
    | Reply

    Love your videos! I have a 10 weeks old Siberian Husky and I’ve been using your videos seeking for help. I’m dealing with a stubborn hi-energy puppy. Really hard to burn him off with exercise and the main issue is crate training. I feel like he suffers from huge separation anxiety. He’s always following me and my wife anywhere, and we can’t leave him alone without him whining and howling. Any advice?

  6. Kas Mcz
    | Reply

    How early should you start structurally training your dog?

  7. Don Fuentes
    | Reply

    i subscribe to you

  8. Nick Morgan
    | Reply

    Love this as always! Australian Shepherds are the best!!

  9. Daz Bear
    | Reply

    This man is peddling bad advice that is getting dogs put down. Research & Watch 1st508airbourne for diet information & Peter Caine for training & more diet info. DO NOT FOLLOW ZAK'S ADVICE!

  10. adam ford
    | Reply

    I’m seriously jealous of your training weather! Try doing this at 10 degrees in 6 inches of snow. Good video as always! I am really enjoying your book so far. I find it really nice to read through when I have some leisure time. It’s actually just a fun book to read.

  11. андрей шарага
    | Reply

    Хороший пес.

  12. Gokcen
    | Reply

    TURN YOUR DOG IN TO A GENIUS! Improve your dog's behavior and obedience with powerful training techniques .Click link http://bit.ly/2Rm4ML2

  13. Mellissa Cunningham
    | Reply

    I have a 9 week old. I’ve had her for 3 weeks. Sometimes I’m not sure she’s playing or being aggressive. She gets extra loud and trying to bite extra hard.
    If I try to stop her she gets louder.
    How can I tell?

  14. exm chn
    | Reply


    հնազանդություն-շուն ուսուցում

  15. Meredith McCain
    | Reply

    ok so what if you have an 11 week old puppy that does not learn that fast and is not that food driven and he can't do any of that stuff!

  16. Agni pujiany
    | Reply

    https://youtu.be/9EJIrXeL_Kg my dog playing in bali beach thnk u

  17. Heidi Johansen
    | Reply

    Do you always have to reward with snacks? Would it not be enough with like cuddles and hugs?…
    Question from a cat person 😂😂

  18. Sarahit M.
    | Reply

    Help me please. How are these dogs you show so calm!? Mine bites me and goes wild on me with zoomies so he runs and comes back and bites me…he still has accidents inside…wakes me up a few times a night and out of the 5 times he only goes pee one time….pulls on his leash…oh and my favorite is he won’t come when we call him he’s only food motivated and even then he’s stubborn. He’s a big Pom, not fat he’s just tall and is 15 pounds and about 6 months or so. I’m at my wits end 🙁 help please anybody! Advice ? Any tips?

  19. LeahIsExtra21
    | Reply

    Hey I watched a couple of your videos and I want to say how helpful they are! I’m getting two puppies who are 8 weeks in a few days (blue staffys). So, thanks for the great tips on how to train puppies/dogs!

  20. k1ng
    | Reply

    What if my dog starts barking and growling when you try teach him

  21. panzertoo
    | Reply

    Please I have 11 week old puppies deliver to hand

  22. panzertoo
    | Reply

    Terrible no formal training at this job its embarrassing

  23. kaylee derough
    | Reply

    Oh my God she is so cute!

  24. Aayush Solat
    | Reply

    World is going to End

    Zak :- How to train your dog to stay calm in world ending situation.

    P.S Love you man. Keep it up

  25. Christian
    | Reply

    So helpful! I love the way you teach!! <3

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