Puppy Training: The Art of Raising The Perfect Dog

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Are You Thinking Your Puppy Could Use Some Manners?

So the beautiful little round ball of fur you brought home for your children is growing bigger and you are thinking it is probably time to start teaching your puppy some manners. You have decided that the little mistakes on the carpet might turn into bad habits and the nips on your hands need to stop. These behaviors are not cute anymore. In fact, you are thinking that they are bad manners and you start to notice there are more “bad mannered behaviors” than you thought.

However, you are wondering: What is the perfect time to start training your puppy? You don’t want to start too soon fearing that your puppy is too young to learn anything and will just get confused. On the other hand, you want to “nip these behaviors in the bud” before they turn into bad habits that are going to be difficult to change

Should you consider doggie training school or should you train your new puppy yourself? How do you go about finding and selecting the best doggie training school if this is your choice? Should you also go to school with your puppy or should you send your puppy “away to school” and expect a well behaved puppy when it comes back home? If you train the dog yourself, should you use reward or punishment training methods? When would be the best time to start training the little “bundle of joy”? These are some of the issues we will explore together. Please keep reading.

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  1. Anonymous
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    This is a short into raising a dog. As a new puppy owner I’d like mode specifics, more details. It just didn’t tell me how to.actually train a dog.

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    I am considering buying a puppy and heard from other dog owners that it is important to train a dog as well, so i bought this book.This book gave me a lot of answers to the questions i had, like when to start, how to choose a doggy school and how you can start training your puppy yourself. Thanks !

  3. Anonymous
    | Reply

    This is a great short read about what to expect when you purchase a puppy. Too many people are not aware of exactly what they are getting into before they make this addition to their family. This book tells you in a concise way everything that dog training involves, making it easier to make the important decision about adding a new puppy to your family.

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