Puppy Training! Stop Biting and Lure Training

How to train your puppy to listen, stop biting and pay attention! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at http://www.PetFlow.com/ZakGeorge 

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMssKIjsDxXmMGypWsr8u-yGOUSoPoozb

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20 Responses

  1. Mario Montoya
    | Reply

    How do I train or discipline my pitbull and chihuahua dog,he’s a monster I come near him he growls I talk to my sister he growls he snaps at me for everything I get near him I don’t want to hurt him please help me can I spray him with water help me fix my problem

  2. Momo Ya
    | Reply

    Is Petflow only in the US?

  3. princessalaina x
    | Reply

    if you’re ever in the UK plz help x

  4. Lupita Benavidez
    | Reply

    HELP!! ZACK! We need some advice; hopefully, you can make a video on this. My husband got me a cockapoo puppy for my birthday, his name is Dunkin, he is 8 weeks old. We have 3 girls, 7, 4 and 2 years old. They are terrified of him! It has come to the point that I have to keep them separated. It is very overwhelming. They were not scared at first because he was very calm and shy, but now he is being a normal puppy (jumping, play biting, nipping, running, etc). We really do not want to get rid of him. He is so sweet and smart. Our girls want to be around him and love him as much as we already do, but they are having a hard time getting past their fear. PLEASE OFFER SOME SUGGESTIONS. WE NEED YOU!

    My husband and I love ALL your videos!

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Kaylin Ens
    | Reply

    Hey Zak, I recently got a 3 month old Labrador pup and he is so sweet. He is very well behaved and already knows basic commands thanks to your videos! However, there is one thing that bugs me in particular – when I walk him outside, he often "zig zags" across in front of me constantly switching sides, and often trips me up. Any advice?

  6. Proud Hufflepuff
    | Reply

    I’m 11, and short, and i want to be a dog trainer when i’m older, so i want to start while i’m young. I want a puppy in which i can do tricks like ‘rebound’ or ‘leg weaves’ which i cant do with a big dog. Any suggestions for a motivated dog, not to big, that would be a fun agility dog?

  7. Bright Earn
    | Reply

    Sir please help,My dog won't drink water

  8. Maria Azevedo
    | Reply

    My puppy looks so much like her haha except for the white paws 💕 He’s two months old & he refuses to go potty outside lol but the good thing is, at least he does it on the pad at home.

  9. Lindsey B
    | Reply

    My 4 month old pup just looooves to bite us. We've tried everything. He'll then get sassy when I say "no bite". Puppies 🙄

  10. Day by day Rodents
    | Reply

    Ok so I want to try clicker training and I have a clicker but I make a clicking sound with my mouth to tell her to come would that effect clicker training

  11. Sophia Xoxo
    | Reply

    Just got your book I have a 2 month old pug and I need tips how to do the Basic stuff and any tips to teach her how to help me with my anxiety like how to give alerts and I can’t seem to get her to lay down but she can sit xx

  12. Kirai Mitsuki
    | Reply

    Struggling, i have an 8 month old Bearded Collie, that thinks she is the boss, despite using your training methods and taking her to puppy classes TT.TT

  13. 123 Minitech
    | Reply

    So lovely and cute puppy
    I got a new ebook which I used to train my puppy and make them behave how I like. Go to my channel to see the link

  14. nikki jones
    | Reply

    Still waiting for my dog and I have my heart set on a 14 week old miniature pinscher puppy and its a boy and its suitable for an apartment which is what I live in and its easy to groom with a short coat it fits everything on my list anyone that sees this comment please pray for me as I'm not going to the shelter until possibly the middle of the month I really want this puppy

  15. Samantha Ash
    | Reply

    I just got my puppy Friday and she's bad for puppy biting. She's scratched up the hubby's hand bad. I think he's bad for offering it as a chewtoy. I'll work with him on redirecting the pupper chewing

  16. Space Dino gaming
    | Reply

    I'm getting a poodle mix tommorow I'm so scared

  17. F.B.I parker
    | Reply

    My pit pup hates using the leash and only follows me if I take it off

  18. Watch Us Live And Stuff
    | Reply

    I have a puppy, 3 months old, and he tends to want to go out and immediately turn around and scratch and cry at the door but if I stay outside he's fine. He wasn't trained by the previous owner. What advice can you give me? Thanks in advance.

  19. Delaney Kenner
    | Reply

    New to your channel. Playing catch-up as I just got a new puppy. Great videos and lot’s of useful information.

  20. Jα Rσ
    | Reply

    How can i train my sibe lol. I cant even get close to him, he kills everything that is moving.

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