Punishment Is Not the Answer

Punishment Is Not the Answer

By Lynn Lott and Jane Nelsen, and Therry Jay

Some people mistakenly think that kind and firm solutions reward their dogs for bad behavior and that the only way a dog can learn is to suffer. More often than not, the “solution” for the dog’s misbehavior is really misplaced anger or a desire to hurt the dog for hurting you. That’s what happened with Francie, who left her new puppy Cody, an American Eskimo dog (a very attached breed who needs attention), home alone for long hours while she went to work. Her little dog was bored and teething, so he entertained himself by chewing on Francie’s shoes. Little did he know that his entertainment would make his mom so angry. When Francie walked in and saw one of her $200 shoes in Cody’s mouth, she saw red. She pulled the shoe away from him and hit him with it over and over, yelling, “No, no, no! Bad dog, bad dog!” Cody slunk away with his tail between his legs and hid under a chair. Francie grabbed him and threw him outside saying, “You think about what a bad boy you’ve been.” Right!

If Francie thought her methods would stop Cody from chewing on her shoes because she “taught him a lesson,” she was soon disabused of the notion when, the next day, he chewed another pair of her best shoes. No amount of yelling and hitting seemed to get through to the little pup.

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