Pugs Complete Profile

Pugs Complete Profile

by Dooziedog.com

Key Facts:

Size: Small
Height: 25 – 27 cm (10 – 11 inches)
Weight: 6.4 – 8.1 kg (14 – 18 lb)
Life Span: 14 years
Grooming: Undemanding
Exercise: Medium
Feeding: Medium
Temperament: Lively & cheerful
Country of Origin: China
AKC Group: Toy
Other Names: Carlin, Mops

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Solid, square and compact.
Colour: Fawn, black, silver or apricot with a black mask and a black trace along the back. There are also black thumb-marks on the forehead and black moles on the cheeks.
Coat: Smooth, short, glossy and fine.
Tail: Set high and curled tightly over the hip.
Ears: Set high, small and fine. ‘Button’ ears which fold forward are desirable but ‘rose’ shaped ears folding back are accepted.
Body: The body is short, stocky and square with a broad brisket. The ribs are deep and rounded and the legs are moderately long and very strong.

Cheerful, good-natured, affectionate and people-orientated. Pugs are very sociable and get along extremely well with children, strangers and other dogs. They do like to be the centre of attention and can become jealous if their owners attention is directed elsewhere. They respond best to gentle-handed training and are sensitive to the intonation in their handlers voice. Pugs have a good sense of humour despite their serious facial expressions. They make calm indoor dogs and are very pliable and straightforward to care for.

Pugs don’t require much grooming with their short coats. The loose hairs can be removed with a rubber brush and the facial creases should have lotion applied to them every now and then.

Pugs enjoy playing and roaming about and don’t need too much exercise. Due to their short muzzles, their breathing can become somewhat restricted if over-exercised or kept in hot weather. Therefore light exercise is recommended and having a cool, shady area available during summer.

Pugs have evolved from Chinese Buddhist monasteries and were depicted on scrolls as far back as 400 BC. It is thought that they made their way to Europe (in particular to Holland) with the Turkish fleet in 1553 or with the Dutch ships in the China trade. Pugs became established in Holland and then later in Germany where they got the name ‘mops’ (angry looking). In Italy they were known as a ‘Carlin’. During the Napoleonic times it was a fashion statement to own a Pug.

Additional Comments:
Most Pugs snore due to their short muzzles.
The Pugs tail is made up of several small vertebrae that forms the final length of the spine. The coiled tail is characteristic of the Pug and forms a single or double spiral that is held tightly over the hip. The double curl is considered to be ideal.


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