Puggles: These Designer Dogs Are All The Rage!

Puggles: These “Designer Dogs” Are All The Rage!

By Sara C

What in the world is a puggle?

One fine day a pug was off gallivanting around when he came across a spirited little beagle, their eyes met and well…. the rest is history!

Puggles are part of a new trend of “designer dogs”- like the schnoodle and the cockabiche. They are popping up in more places and are receiving more press, at the moment, than purebreds and are commanding prices that rival and even exceed the prices of their full-blooded compatriots. Fortunately, I purchased my puggle before their popularity soared.

I originally wanted to buy a pug, but there were none available at the time, though a litter of puggles was. The pups were advertised at $250 each, less than 1/3 the price of a pug. That still seemed expensive to me, for what was essentially a mutt, or so I thought.

A little background on the 2 breeds; Beagles are high-strung but also very sporty, while pugs are not very athletic, but have a calm, relaxing demeanor — not yippy, overexcited, or insecure. Puggles do not generally howl like beagles and do not have the breathing problems that are often associated with the pug. Mix the 2 together and you have the best attributes of both. I was curious so I went and visited them. They, of course, were very cute and charming. Since I couldn’t find a pug and really wanted a dog, I went ahead and purchased one, a cute little female… What a great decision that was! 🙂

A puggle combines the strong physical attributes of the beagle with the even, mellow temperament of the pug, making for a calm small dog– how rare is that?

They have the wrinkled face of a pug while having the longer legs of a beagle. Puggles usually get to be 15-20lbs. as adults, are 12-15″ high at the shoulder, are tan or brown with a black muzzle; earning them the well-deserved nickname of “miniature mastiffs”.

Purebred dog breeders naturally have problems with these crossbreeds as many have spent a great deal of time and money perfecting the bloodlines of their breed and don’t like the attention these “mutts” are receiving. There is a widely held notion that these “mutts” are actually healthier than purebreds, which I have always believed. A cross between 2 breeds of any dog should eliminate genetic problems that may exist in either breed because 90% of genetic problems are recessive, meaning both parents must carry the abnormal gene.

If you want a better chance of having health problems with your dog then buy a purebred! If you want a pet that is unique and healthy then buy a puggle, or go to the local shelter and adopt!

Sara writes articles for Schmeg.comVisit her at: Chestnut Creek Gift Baskets | Candles

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  1. I Love Puggles
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    I love puggles, most people do. And for good reason. I like them so much I started a blog dedicated exclusively to puggles. It’s called Puggle Palace!

  2. Puggle Mania Online
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    That is a great article about a great new breed of dogs. I became interested for Puggles for all the same reasons mentioned above. They are such a great combination of traits from the pug and beagle. I created a website after I found myself searching endlessly for information on the breed without much luck. This is a great site and a great article. Keep up the Good Work!

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    Thanks for dropping by! There’s some interesting videos on your site … and, it’s alway cute to see dogs on video 😀

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