Protect Your Pug This Holiday Season

Protect Your Pug This Holiday Season

By Lee Dobbins

You want your pug to be safe and happy all year long, but during the holidays you need to take special precautions for his safety. Holiday times can be hectic and you want to make sure that the basic needs of your pug are met. In your haste to buy gifts, decorate and party, don’t forget to make sure your pug gets fresh food and water as well as some attention!

The “end of year” holidays can pose particular hazards for your pug. One important thing you can do is to make sure your pug is safe when guests come over. If you will be having a party or dinner, the door may be opening quite often and you want to make sure your pet can’t run out unnoticed. Remember, all the unusual activity could be scary for your pug so make sure you secure him in a quite and safe part of the house before guests arrive. If you want to show him off, wait until all the guests are settled and bring him out when you know the activity level will be low and you can keep an eye on him. When you get busy again, make sure you put him back in his “safe place”.

This is important all year long, but especially during the holidays when hours may be cut short – make sure you check your vet’s holiday hours and emergency contacts and have the information easily accessible.

Be careful when decorating your house especially with holiday plants. Your Pug may chew on household plants, and many, including mistletoe and some poinsettias, can make your pet very ill. Make sure your holiday greenery is out of your Pug’s reach.

The Christmas tree can be another hazard for your little Pug. If you have a real tree, be sure that the base is wrapped so your Pug cannot drink the water or chew the branches. Many live trees have been sprayed with chemicals that may be toxic to your little pet.

Use only unbreakable decorations at the bottom of your tree, so there is no danger of your dog jumping up or rubbing against them and resulting in broken glass on the floor that he can cut himself on, or worse, digest.

Be very, very careful about candles. Your Pug, in his holiday excitement, could knock over a candle! Never leave your pet alone in the room with a candle burning.

Thinking ahead to New Years Eve, be aware that your Pug might become frightened by the traditional firecrackers and other noisy merriment. Some dogs may be severely traumatized by fireworks, be sure to leave them inside if you go out to celebrate.

If your Pug is the sensitive type, he could get stressed out about the changes in household routine during the holidays, especially if you are stressed yourself. Some dogs respond to stress by becoming hyper or hysterical, and some simply retreat. Be sure to watch your Pug carefully for signs of stress during the holiday season

These simple steps can insure a happy holiday for both you and your pet!

Lee Dobbins writes for many pet related websites including Visit the Pug Pages for news and information on Pug care.

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