Protect Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog from Heat Exhaustion

Protect Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog from Heat Exhaustion

By Tim Amherst

As Pit Bulls are highly energetic dogs that love to run and play outside, it is important to learn about heat exhaustion. Familiarizing yourself with the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion could help you save your Pit Bulls life.

The first mistake many pet owners make is assuming that heat exhaustion will only occur during the hottest summer months, when actually it can occur at anytime of the year. Of course, the higher the temperature is, the more likely your dog is to suffer from an episode of heat exhaustion. Anytime your dog is outside, you should watch him closely for any signs that he is in physical distress.

Dogs pant to cool themselves by ridding their body of excess heat. Panting to a dog is like our air conditioner on a hot day. Dogs suffer from heat exhaustion when they cannot get rid of all the extra heat in their bodies fast enough. They will begin to pant faster and harder the more they struggle to regain temperature control. Sometimes they will begin to drool excessively, and may get confused. All of these are signs of possible heat exhaustion, and you should act promptly to get your dog cooled down before it gets any worse.

There are several different ways to cool your dog down quickly that should help in this situation. If you are outside, spray the dog’s stomach and groin areas with the water hose, or pour water over them. Once you get the dog wet, fan it with a towel or shirt to help cool it faster.

If you have it available, wiping rubbing alcohol over the dogs belly is often an effective way to cool them down quickly. Wiping the dog’s stomach and groin area is the most effective. Alcohol will cool the dog down as it evaporates from its skin.

If you are outside and don’t have anything available to help cool your dog, put him in your car and blast him with the air conditioning. He may not particularly like the air hitting him, but it will help cool him down nicely.

If you spot any signs of heat exhaustion, it is extremely important to get your dog cooled down, and get him to the veterinarian as soon as possible for further treatment.

There are several things you can to do to help prevent your dog from suffering from heat exhaustion in the first place. When it is hot outside, take your dog out to play and exercise early in the morning or late in the evening when it is cooler. Not having the sun beating down will help keep your dog from overheating. Take rest periods often when you are outside with your dog, to cool down in between playing.

Knowledge is the best offense you have to keeping your dog healthy. Your veterinarian can assist you with any issues or questions you have to help ensure the safety of your dog. Do some research on heat exhaustion and how best to prevent it from occurring. The more you know, the better equipped you will be should an emergency arise.

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