Protect Your Dogs Feet This Winter

Protect Your Dog’s Feet This Winter

By Louise Louis

Sand and salt may help prevent our falls on slippery sidewalks, but they can be harsh on a dog’s unprotected feet.

When your dog goes outside this winter, he should wear paw protectors of good quality such as the Muttluks brand. All the chain pet stores sell them or comparable brands.

If you do let him outside without boots, or if he won’t tolerate wearing them, be sure to clean his feet as soon as he’s ready to come back inside.

For any time of year, Louise Louis of recommends making a cleaning solution by dissolving one teaspoon of table salt in one pint of boiling water.

Let the water cool and then put it in a spray bottle or use a bowl if you prefer. Wash his feet and dry them THOROUGHLY after each outing.

This also works great in the summer after he’s been on grass or ground covers. It’s amazing how many skin irritants a dog can come into contact with in the great outdoors. Some fertilizers and insecticides can be poisonous to animals.

Chronic sore feet are usually caused by allergies, infections or parasitic infestations and will require a veterinarian to identify and recommend a course of treatment.

Louise Louis is a certified canine specialist and creator of the popular website on small dogs,

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