Prison Break by crazy pet! Funny

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Maybe she likes jails! My crazy guinea pig is confused while trying to “prison break” ! Funny to see her trying to break “out” from the OUTSIDE! Or maybe she likes to be behind bars! FUNNY PET! 😀 Tags: funny pet guineapig prison break comedy jail MC2 MorphingCaesar MorphingCaesar2 Morphing Caesar comedian animal home video Wasabi Lee

What do you think?

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28 Responses

  1. dviree1
    | Reply

    maybe “big daddy” came? HAHAHA lol

  2. cclover31
    | Reply

    LMAO, very funny brother.

  3. itsabomberscope
    | Reply

    man, hes welding those bars!

  4. dklhs90
    | Reply


    | Reply

    YEA! new vid… its been a while thanks for the upload

  6. xehanort66
    | Reply


  7. alan26930
    | Reply

    CALL WAZABI LEE!!!! >3

  8. 214inthehouse
    | Reply

    loool great video!!! HAPPY 420! more prank cAlls!

  9. H5lion
    | Reply

    nice pet

  10. Wannahalik
    | Reply

    More prank calls please . i luv it very much! it s me, the fan from Russia

  11. MorphingCaesar2
    | Reply

    @itsabomberscope HAHAHAHA OMGF I really LOL’ed! 😀

  12. MorphingCaesar2
    | Reply

    You’re welcome 😉

  13. MorphingCaesar2
    | Reply

    Thanks bro! Make some of your dog too! 😉

  14. MorphingCaesar2
    | Reply


  15. cclover31
    | Reply

    @MorphingCaesar2 i will this summer bro.

  16. IstalkBananas
    | Reply

    ROFL!! how cute!!

  17. bax1231
    | Reply

    LOL haha

  18. 300Spartan03
    | Reply


  19. pikipirlo
    | Reply

    Ahahahahhahahahahha funny stuff dude XD

    | Reply

    This is so shit it is funny

  21. betomy5
    | Reply

    1:07 – 1:10 she is thinking about what to do 😀

  22. MorphingCaesar2
    | Reply

    @ehop22 Craziest one EVER! 😀

  23. betomy5
    | Reply

    What’s this music from 1:01 ???

  24. happybunnie6
    | Reply

    lmao silly guinea pig lmao ^^ its too cute yet funny how its all trying to do a prison break when shes really outside xD

  25. FlAvIuS861
    | Reply

    its your pig lol?

  26. Kate
    | Reply

    That video is so funny. I also used to see that seen when my rabbit wants to break free from their rabbit hutch. Isn’t so amazing to have pets and learn their behaviors. They have so many funny ideas and I love it so much.

    • HART
      | Reply

      We used to have the same thing years ago when we had a Hedgehog … For the life of us .. she was on a stand, in a rabbit cage, covered, and some mornings we would find him under the bed sleeping …. it’s still a mystery how she ever escaped out of her cage!

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