Printing Script added to – [The Blog]

At the beginning of each article, you may now “Print This Article”

I think it is a great plug-in to this blog. There are so many handy tips about training, breed information, health information and other miscellaneous information .. that you may now just print out your favorite articles and keep them for your future reference.

If you see an article that you like … all you have to do is:

  • click on the link at the top of the article that says: “Print This Article”
  • you will be taken to a Printer-Friendly version of the article
  • at the bottom of the article, there is another link called … “click HERE to print” ..
  • It’s that simple. And you won’t get a bunch of graphics or other wasted pages of paper ..just the bare minimum! Go ahead and try it .. Let me know what you think!

    Take care.

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