Prevent Cat Scratching – Ask A Vet

Find out preventative measures to curb your cat from inappropriate scratching.
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Ugh! Cats can be a pain. Especially when they scratch up your favorite couch. Here are some easy home and Vet remedies to stop these crazy kitties from using their talons on your favorite pair of jeans.

Special thanks to the Animal Medical Center of Southern California

Host: Courtney Campbell, DVM

Coordinating Producer: Dawn Poomee
Editor: Shawn McPherson

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

27 Responses

  1. Princess Jupi
    | Reply

    I have to try these alternatives. I’m stressing out about my furniture and it’s just my male cat that is destroying my leather sofas. I hope these alternatives help Tom from scratching my sofas. Anyone else have pointers?

  2. Loveless MissFit
    | Reply

    Good video but idk about that mouse trap… I dropped one once while it was set (I was sitting down so it wasnt a far drop) and it clipped onto my shirt. I'd worry that in some freak accident it fly in the air and snap my cats ear or worse. Besides that good tips!

  3. tink ie
    | Reply

    ALL THIS WITH A SMILE,………… about to knock all 3 of my cats off!!!!! grrrrrr

  4. iz iz
    | Reply

    Lol my cat wouldn’t be scared of those cups

  5. Inaki Lajas UX, UI Designer
    | Reply

    Mine does not learn. He ignore the Scratch post

  6. Washania Jones
    | Reply

    OMG, this Dr. Is Gorgeous!

  7. james capy
    | Reply

    that's mean to scare your cat with a mouse trap.I love my kitty so much but she HATES mouse trapsShe will litterly come over to you and scratch you then run away and beg for treats.

  8. Sama Sattar
    | Reply

    My cat like to scratches my fucking tv

  9. deondra pinnock
    | Reply

    My cats will knock it down to see what it is…. starts playing with it then back to scratching the damn carpet up…. balloons lol they play with it without nails l…. those suckers are smart

  10. Sajjad Ah
    | Reply

    It's may good, good ideas thanks

  11. cameraflyer
    | Reply

    The cups idea was stupid. My cat loves bubble wrap.

  12. Onyx
    | Reply

    I used to use those soft claws on my cat, it made him get himself stuck on blankets and carpets. One time he was so badly stuck I had to cut the blanket to set him free while he cried in pain…. Never again!

  13. Ibolya Szijgyarto
    | Reply

    I need to get the large soft paws. The medium was way too small for my cat even though he is on the leaner and smaller side. He already " marked" the brand new couch in various places and can't have him completely destroying it. Someone my sister in law knows who trains animals suggested to put aluminum foil in those areas. He thought it was a toy….I want to cry. 😭😭

  14. Space Cowboy
    | Reply

    this is a waste of your time. this guy just wants to make a video its doesnt work.

  15. Brenda G.
    | Reply

    My cat keeps scratching his cut and it’s getting really bad. Me and my brother already tried everything. We bought him a cone but he came back without it, we bandaged his cut, and now I trimmed his nails but he keeps scratching. Help.

  16. Pig Lady
    | Reply

    Oh ya, doctor Kim

  17. Mitch Roe
    | Reply

    My cats scratch with more "gusto" when wearing soft claws. We are at wits end. Hundreds of dollars of damage!

  18. lilbuni2004
    | Reply

    Need to get my cat to stop scratching the door, but can’t do the noise things cause she’s deaf

  19. Big Fart
    | Reply

    my cat sleeps in bubble wrap 😀

  20. Mary amos
    | Reply

    My cat scratches the shit out of me is she trying to scent me?

  21. Ana Elizarraras
    | Reply

    Thanx for the vid very good ideas

  22. Dave Simpson
    | Reply

    You was with me till the mouse trap!!! Jesus.

  23. Raquel bouchard
    | Reply

    My cat likes to scratch under my door is that bad I don't know what I should do

  24. Sheila Butterworth
    | Reply

    That's crazy for a vet to say and do. God go buy cat scratch posts for your house never put caps on claws for god sake they need to scratch and grip god you will kill a cat putting anything on its claws. Don't get a cat. If you listen to a vet like that see to the cats needs first not your own or out for money , a cat needs to grip in a fall never put anything on the cats claws ,that's Bull shit pure rubbish.

  25. DZ Malekvali
    | Reply

    Grab his tail and hammer it on wall …and cut his paws

  26. Martine
    | Reply

    Don't use softclaws, just train your cat when he arrives in your home.

  27. Wellness Connect
    | Reply

    My cat likes WALL POSTS.
    It all started because I got him a WOODEN cat scratch post made by real bark. Worst.Mistake.Ever. It was messy and now he's addicted to ANY WOOD. Don't get them wood posts IMO

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