Poodle Breeding

There are many things to consider when breeding poodles and here are some tips which will ensure that breeding poodles will be made easier for you. Poodles are a lovable and highly intelligent breed of dog and one of the best things about them is that they don’t shed.

When considering breeding poodles do a thorough background check into the dogs history.It is imperative that you have information regarding the background and bloodline of the dog, when breeding poodles, in order to make sure that there are no hereditary diseases or deformities that would surface in the pups.Hence when you are considering breeding poodles, both the parent dogs should have clear record and characteristics that you would expect to appear in the pups when breeding poodles.

When breeding poodles it is always better to ask for a health certificate. A good breeder will be able to supply you with these details that you require.It is always better to educate yourself when it comes to breeding poodles so that you will know all the pros and cons involved and also what to expect.When breeding poodles, make sure that you examine the poodle properly.A good poodle will have a long neck that is strong and carried in almost an aristocratic manner.Moreover, check whether the poodle has muscular shoulders and a long and straight muzzle.Another think to check for when breeding poodles is their fur. Examine the coat of the poodle to make sure that it is curly, thick and doesn’t shed.

Poodles are one of the most expensive breed of dogs so when breeding poodles ensure that both the parents have been thoroughly checked.Furthermore, the dam should be examined by a vet for any signs of infections and diseases and you must make sure that the dog has been given all the necessary shots at least two weeks before the breeding.Moreover, some poodles have genetic hereditary flaws that may develop into medical conditions and therefore, when breeding poodles, you should try to avoid continuing the line of these poodles.

When poodle breeding,whether you are doing it for a profit or for the love of the breed, you should ensure that the pups will receive loving caring homes where they will be taken care with lots of much needed love and attention.

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