police dog training. STRONG DOGS!!!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

for more videos of police go here: policecrime.proboards28.com www.policeabuse.org en.wikipedia.org

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. BlueGama600
    | Reply

    @Reginald217 No. It takes a lot of momentum to pull down a man in a protective suit. These dogs were not using strength, they were using momentum. They would not be able to pull down a man from close range though.

  2. mynewlife210
    | Reply

    are they german shepherd?

  3. Cloude888
    | Reply

    @mynewlife210 yes they are

  4. tzane94
    | Reply

    sometimes i shiver while im peeing

  5. kikiandrei
    | Reply

    Press 9 every half second for police brutality!

  6. TrICker9081
    | Reply

    0:34-0:37 FUCK YEAH!

  7. onehorsey9
    | Reply

    If those dogs have to be muzzled and wrenched off of the victim, they are not properly trained – this could lead to such issues.

  8. Odhinn222
    | Reply

    Onehorsey9, the easier a dog is to “out” the weaker he is. When it comes to asking man’s best friend to do what most jaguars and lions and water buffalos won’t do–charge a human, the less domination you can use, the better. They are rushing in because the decoys are being brought to the ground, which is a hazardous situation, even with the cleanest of dogs (dogs trained to just bite a sleeve).

  9. Odhinn222
    | Reply

    Onehorsey9, you can see by the video, these dogs are trained for extreme cases, required to operate far from the handler, charging into gunfire, etc.; the more you dominate them, such as quick “out” ability, the more you weaken them. Also, this seems to be a foreign police force, perhaps different civil laws.

  10. fuckcalgarysucks
    | Reply

    Is there any videos of defence tecniques if your being attacked by dogs?

  11. blackleader77
    | Reply

    DID HE HIT THE DOG WITH THE THING in his other hand at 0:49?!!!

  12. DeathRevenant7
    | Reply

    @blackleader77 They’re meant to do that to show that breed of dog who is boss, can’t remember the breed, but they are VERY strong willed and are aggressive, so yeah, that’s how they prepare them for beatings too, the suspect may attempt to fight back and it needs to learn to tolerate the beatings, its a good thing a dogs skull is REALLY HARD! Trust me, my lab’s have hit their heads a dozen times now and they just walk away as if nothing happened, due to the strength of their skulls.

  13. Fonsalcry
    | Reply

    REX is definitely smarter than these police dogs

  14. tehpwnzerz0
    | Reply

    0:34 when dogs fly… oh wait — they can.

  15. MeredithSedai
    | Reply

    Wow… those are some TUFF dogs! When they are on duty, they take care of business!

  16. dax506
    | Reply

    what if he bites his face

  17. Klojerk
    | Reply

    what dogs is that

    | Reply

    44 cat lovers!!

  19. MadaraPeinNaruto
    | Reply

    @Klojerk really? Its a German Shepherd a really common police dog otherwise it could be a mutt or other breed but its highly unlikley

  20. AlbinoGorrilaz
    | Reply

    @MadaraPeinNaruto Argentine Dogo,German Sheperds,Dutch Sheperds,Belgian Malinois,Boxer,Labrador Retriever
    Doberman Pinscher,Springer Spaniel,Blood Hounds,Beagle,Rottweiler,Giant Schnauser,
    Those are a list of the dogs used in law enforcement some. Obliviously dogs like the Labrador&Beagle arent gonna be used as protection or crowd control dogs they are only for drugs,bombs,missing persons. PS know your stuff before you try to educate others:)

  21. runyashrun
    | Reply

    hey… can anybody plz tell me “HOW THE DOGS ARE TRAINED THIS WAY” ??

  22. GuyFawkesAnon
    | Reply

    @Klojerk there not dogs there elephants you idiot!

  23. MadaraPeinNaruto
    | Reply

    @AlbinoGorrilaz yes I know lots of breeds are used for law enforcement, but I meant which breed the particular dog in the video was from appearance because it looks like a german shepherd in the video and klojerk just asked what dog is that so I answered to the particular type of dog shown in the video.

  24. AlbinoGorrilaz
    | Reply

    @MadaraPeinNaruto They are most likely Belgian Malinois because of their slim frame

  25. erock66
    | Reply

    I like the part where the dog attacks the cop after being pulled off the perpetrator

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