I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

www.sitmeanssit.com Police DOG TRAINING done in this daily dog training video was taken at one of our Police K9 dog training seminars. Fred Hassen’s Sit Means Sit Police dog training school offers a 10 day remote collar school for Police K9 handlers only. This video shows the off-leash…

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. mxzpowder34
    | Reply

    my dad is a cop and i had to take a bite for a demonstration from the dog at his department. it hurt like a bitch. these dogs are badass.

  2. davidwaters69
    | Reply

    texas has the worst schools in the country, they also have the strictest laws and the worst cops…. get out of texas while you still can… i did

  3. nutty919
    | Reply

    i noticed @ 4:20 was a dutch man 😛 , cause im from the nl

  4. switzerlandharper
    | Reply

    i sent this to all my friends

  5. hacks2012
    | Reply

    wow i showed this to all my friends

  6. Se7en10ths
    | Reply

    how did you make this vid?

  7. wamgamingrocks
    | Reply

    awesome. this vid is incredible

  8. fredhassen
    | Reply

    @Se7en10ths ??

  9. RSK3lvin
    | Reply

    awesome! keep em coming!!!!!

  10. TheGigione88
    | Reply

    no its over! I want more!

  11. NewWorldKaos
    | Reply

    i can watch this a hundred times

  12. elvijsarnicans1
    | Reply


  13. badrawrkarmuh
    | Reply

    youtube has a new star

  14. MaTicPredator
    | Reply

    subbed and liked! This was a great vid

  15. Tughguy101
    | Reply

    i showed this video to my friend

  16. wamgamingrocks
    | Reply


  17. phall2005
    | Reply

    best vid evarrrr

  18. cmdbmth
    | Reply

    loved it!!!

  19. WillKenzo
    | Reply

    Great vid!
    Man, dogs should be respected even more than people they’re developing lots of great skills to help no only the police but handicap people, help autistic individuals, simply give joy to people’s lifes and yet there are a lot of motherfuckers who mistreat, disrespect them. That’s why most people suck, they don’t give a shit about dogs… I feel so sad to see abandoned dogs in the streets.

  20. MaiShiranui69
    | Reply

    thumbs up all the way

  21. TheProgamingfreak
    | Reply


  22. Dragondp1
    | Reply

    great job

  23. srsnakes
    | Reply

    A well-trained dog does what he’s commanded to do. Anyone who can’t train a dog to either be friendly or aggressive to the agitator isn’t a dog trainer.

  24. 1ThreeDaysGrace
    | Reply

    @Se7en10ths Ummm, a camera………

  25. JimSpiers100
    | Reply

    Why do they teach the dog to take the left arm when the stick is being held in the right hand?. In the UK we teach our dogs to go for the right arm working on the principle that people are more right handed than left.

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