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Okay.. I was looking at all of the sites that have been nominated and had to create a UserID to vote .. so I figured .. everybody else nominates themselves (well, not everybody.. ) but .. what the heck! So, I have put up a badge in the sidebar and I guess I will see if I am popular and *gosh darn it* people like me! And, yes .. not only did I nominate myself – but I voted for myself too *sigh* (pitiful, eh?)

Oh – and I have nominated this blog for the “Best Animal Blogger” Blog Award at the Bloggers Choice Awards site. It’s the only category and I don’t think this blog qualifies for any “design” awards or anything like that! At this time there were over 150 entrants in the Best Animal Blogger section, so my hopes aren’t too high, but all votes will be appreciated!

So – click on the button and vote for the PetLvr Blog! Here’s the button again, for those of you reading this in your RSS favorite feed reader of choice .. so you don’t even have to come to my site and click the badge in the sidebar..

My site was nominated for Best Animal Blogger!


Here you’ll see which blogs are currently making an impact in the blogosphere. The blogs you see here are all nominated, voted and commented on by users like yourself! Winners will be announced on November 10th at PostieCon in Las Vegas, NV. Learn More.

PS: While You Are There …

Why don’t you nominate your own blog .. or your own favorite blogs? Maybe they are even listed already! Just do a search and if they are there .. go vote for you favorite blog and blogger!

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