Please DoFollow and Leave A *Gratuitous Link*

I have activated (once again) the DoFollow Plugin.

Why should you care?

Well .. if you have a “Pet Related” site .. feel free to comment on any post (about the post) and tell us about your site and leave a link!

All I ask is one thing: That you end your comment with:

*Gratuitous Link*

It’s important for this ending phrase to be added. This way, you are telling me and other readers that all you want to do is get a link from my blog (which is super!) … but, we don’t really have to provide any comment back to answer you.

But – I will know that you have commented and get acknowledgement. Normally I *NEVER* check my Spam Karma Logs, Akismet or Bad Behavior statistics, or even comments that were moderated here …they are being deleted automatically. It’s quite efficient for me.

But at least once a weekend I will personally go and SEARCH for the term .. *Gratuitous Link* .. and unblock the spam.

That’s all. This is a test. I reserve the right to deactivate the plugin at any time in the future, but .. Link Away!

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2 Responses

  1. very_vizsla
    | Reply

    Sick of the small dogs getting all the ‘good stuff’? Come & visit Doggie Stylish! I make handbeaded martingale & side-release dog collars that you can actually walk the dog with! From frou-frou to masculine & rugged, we have a dog collar to fit every taste!

    *Gratuitous Link*

  2. travel guide
    | Reply

    Please do not use your right which is that you can deactivate that plugin . :d Thanks

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