Pitbulls For Sale

Pitbulls For Sale

By Kent Pinkerton

Selling pit bulls is becoming more difficult, given the current spate of bad press against the dogs’ violent outbursts. Owners want to get rid of their pets. Add to that the fact that pit bull breeders and kennels report a surplus, and the supply of pit bulls continues to be greater than the demand.

Pit bull kennels have their own websites through which they make sales. People who wish to buy pit bulls register on these sites and get updates from time to time. Those wishing to sell their pit bulls advertise in classifieds online or in newspapers.

While placing an advertisement to sell a pit bull, it is necessary to mention size and build and color as well as specific physical details like patches on fur and color of nose and eyes.

Sellers also mention their pit bulls’ temperaments. Usually words like sociable, child-friendly, people-friendly, aggressive are used. Pedigreed animals definitely find a mention of their lineages and even pictures of them if possible. Naturally, they demand much higher prices than mongrels. It is very essential to mention whether the dog has papers or not. Similarly, it is necessary to state whether the dog has had its shots.

The favorites appear to be blue-nosed pit bulls, as well as silver and merle-colored pit bulls. A blue nosed pit bull may fetch as much as $1000 or more. In fact, pit bull breeders sometimes breed pit bulls for their color or for other traits such as aggressiveness or width and girth. Such custom-bred pit bulls are sold for higher prices,

The average asking price for a normal pit bull is a couple of hundred dollars. Puppies are more expensive than adults as they are more in demand. People also breed their female dogs with hired studs from kennels and then sell the puppies in the market. This is called as backyard breeding. Some adult pit bulls are available for even as low as $50.

Pitbulls provides detailed information about pitbulls, pitbull breeders, pitbull kennels, pitbull puppies and more. Pitbulls is the sister site of Dog Fleas.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kent_Pinkerton

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